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A Global, Diversified Technology Company. A Fortune 100 company, 3M™ brings its renowned commitment to design and innovation to its high-quality line of electronic connectors, adhesives, insulation products and static control products.

Heilind Electronics is 3M's largest electronics distributor and is franchised to sell the full 3M electronics product portfolio, including high-speed cable assemblies, factory automation connectors, I/O products, backplane solutions, wiremount and boardmount connectors and cable, and much more. With the world's largest inventory of interconnect products, we stand ready to serve. Our factory-trained sales team has the experience to help with the most challenging design. Click on the eStore to check stock or contact one of our local branches. Click here to check our stock.

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50 Years of Cable and IDC Technologies (1961 - 2011)
50 Years of Cable and IDC Technologies (1961 - 2011)


3M Microsites: I/O Connectors, High Speed Interconnect Solutions and Camera Link® and Mini-Camera Link® Applications!

SDR3M offers a broad range of interconnect solutions for the electronics industry. Our portfolio includes advanced rectangular I/O solutions in our 3M™ Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR), 3M™ Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) and 3M™ Shielded Compact Ribbon (SCR) product lines, as well as cable assemblies and assembly tooling to help you conquer today’s high-end signaling challenges. For a global network of skilled engineering support and I/O products with excellent signal integrity, compact size and proven reliability…I/O Microsite

Boost your performance to more than 7 Gbps with a drop-in solution, such as the 3M™ Ultra Hard Metric 3M™ Backplane Connector, UHM Series(UHM) Connector. Enhance your system's performance to support high speed signals - High Speed Interconnect Solutions Microsite

SDRThis is your one stop shop for 3M™ Mini D Ribbon (MDR) Cable Assemblies for Camera Link® and Mini-Camera Link® Applications. Camera Link and Mini-Camera Link Applications Microsite.