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Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire Product News

Alpha Wire manufactures, markets, and distributes wire, multi conductor cables, tubing and related products for electronic and electrical markets

Recently Announced

Alpha Wire Pro-Met Industrial Cable - Alpha Wire Pro-Met is a line of flexible industrial cable impervious to oils and resistant to UV damage. Alpha’s uncompromising standards provide consistency and uniformity in every cable.

Cable Glands - Alpha Wire's cable glands are a great solution for providing premium cable strain relief and protection against environmental factors such as flames and dust for a wide range of industries including renewable energy, industrial automation, and electrical equipment.

Alpha Essentials Industrial Ethernet Cable - Alpha Wire proudly announces the expansion of its Alpha Essentials collection by offering 10 new Industrial Ethernet products. The wide range of categories include PROFINET, CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, and CAT 7 to better serve your component integration and bandwidth needs.

Alpha Connect - Alpha Connect by Alpha Wire now makes it easier to achieve reliable, high-performance industrial connectivity. Alpha Connect provides an end-to-end solution for connecting sensors and actuators on the factory floor. Alpha Wire also ensures safe and reliable communication in industrial environments to decrease downtime and increase productivity.

EcoCable® Mini Cable - Alpha Wire has added to its popular EcoCable recyclable cable line to introduce the new EcoCable® Mini Cable, which includes a new 300 V PVC cable version that is up to 32% smaller and 44% lighter than standard 300 V PVC cable.

Micro Coax Cable - Alpha Wire introduces the Micro Coax Cable, which is a great space-saving solution that makes routing easier in applications such as medical probes, endoscopy systems, oximetry system, industrial inspection, and more.

Alpha Wire Introduces UL and CSA Tray-Rated Flexible VFD Cable - The new V-Flex cables are the latest innovation in cables designed specifically for variable-frequency drives (VFD).

Xtra-Guard® Industrial Ethernet - Combine the advanced technology of Ethernet communications with the durability and temperature range of Alpha's renowned Xtra-Guard 4 jacket.

FIT Heat-Shrink Tubing & Wire Management - The FIT line consists of a wide range of general-purpose and special-purpose styles, materials and tubing types.

Alpha Wire Deploys Military-Grade Wire and Cable - Alpha Wire's market-specific product solution set targets military applications with military-grade cable and wire, made of premium compounds under the tightest manufacturing standards, to provide maximum reliability in the most unforgiving surroundings.

Alpha Wire's New Insulation Material Yields Smaller, Lighter, Greener Cables - EcoWire, the latest innovation in hook-up wire, combines increased performance with a minimized environmental impact.

Alpha Wire Launches Solar to the Market - Alpha Wire's new solar cables and photovoltaic wire are designed for the harsh environments of solar energy applications—the hot and cold of climate extremes, ozone and UV radiation, moisture, oil, and direct burial.

Alpha Wire Introduces Smaller Gauge Xtra-Guard® Cables - Alpha Wire Introduces Smaller Gauge Xtra-Guard® Cables, 26 and 28 AWG Conductors Allow Smaller, More Flexible Cable

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