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Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection

Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection offers a broad range of PCB Mount, Surface Mount and PTC resettable fuses. PCB Mount products include radial, standard glass and ceramic cartridge fuses. The company has been at the forefront of the industry's shift to surface mount fuse designs, such as brick and chip fuses, that incorporate the need for small, compact technology. Bel Circuit Protection also offers a complete product offering of PTC resettable fuses in both surface mount and radial styles. Fuse products are certified by many 3rd party agencies to varied performance standards. The certification marks are obtained through agencies such as UL, CSA, PSE, CCC, VDE and Semko. The fuse and PTC resettable products are all RoHS 2 compliant.

Recently Announced

Bel Magnetic Solutions MagJack ICMs - Bel Magnetic Solutions Marvell compatible 10GBase-T ICMs are designed for customers using the latest Marvell 10GBase-T Ethernet PHYs, including the 88E2xxx and 88E3xxx series silicon.

Bel Fuse 0ZRS Radial PTC Fuse - The Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection 0ZRS Series is AEC-Q Compliant radial lead PTC resettable fuse with continuous use at voltages up to 32V DC. Max voltage 32V DC, operation (hold current) range 500mA-10A, max current 100A, operating temperature -40 degrees C to 125 degrees C.

Bel Fuse 0680L Series Surface Mount Slow Blow Fuse - The Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection 0680L Series slow blow 2410 SMD fuses are AEC-Q200 compliant fuses and offer wide current rating and temperature range.

Bel Fuse 0ZCM Surface Mount PTC Series - The 0ZCM Surface Mount PTC Series provides superior circuit protection, a traditional SMD chip package, and is AEC-Q200 compliant.

Bel Patch Cord and Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies - Bel offers a wide range of channel and component compliant patch cords and fiber optic cable assemblies.

Bel Fuse Type 0685P Surface Mount Fast Acting Chip Fuse - The Type 0685P Surface Mount Fuses feature a small size (1206 SMD) with 2A to 50A current rating and have a -55°C to +125°C operating temperature.

Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection 0678 Series Fuses - The Bel Fuse Circuit-Protection 0678 Series of surface mount fuses are available in D (high AC voltage rating) and H (enhanced breaking capacity) for high amp and high interrupting rating applications.

Application Note, When is a Fuse Not a Fuse - A traditional fuse consists of a piece of wire or other conductive link with a known current-carrying capacity placed in series with an electric circuit. The fuse functions solely as a safety device that is designed to melt and permanently interrupt further current flow. By operating, fuses protect circuits from damage caused by overload or short circuit current, thereby preventing overheating and even fire if a fault condition should occur.

0ZCN SMT Resettable PTC Fuses - Bel Circuit Protection 0ZCN Surface Mount PTC (positive temperature coefficient) devices feature a unique polymer formulation offering superior circuit protection, with added resettable features.

Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection Portfolio - The Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection portfolio includes one of the broadest ranges of circuit protection products on the market today. Belfuse has been at the forefront of the industry shift to board level, surface mount fuse designs, including their C2Q Chip Fuses with 0603 footprint. Many of today's smaller hand held devices incorporate this newer technology.

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