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In 2009, E-Switch, Inc. acquired Lamb Industries and now offers one of the broadest switch lines available today. Both companies have been delivering innovative and quality switches to the electronics, telecom, high-tech, instrumentation, industrial, appliance and consumer markets since 1979.

Recently Announced

E-Switch Anti-Vandal Switches with Wire Leads - The ULV Series from E-Switch are anti-vandal switches are designed for applications that are subjected to harsh use and attempts to damage them.

E-Switch PVA6 Series Anti-vandal Switch - The E-Switch PVA6 series illuminated anti vandal switch offers a long life expectancy, water resistance to IP67 ratings, and ring or power symbol illumination.

KS1100 Series Pushbutton Switch With Keyboard Functionality - Check out E-Bits, our new video series featuring 60-second clips of new product introductions and other exciting news. This episode showcases our brand new KS1100 series pushbutton switch. Check it out!

New RGB Options for the PV4 and PV7 Series Anti-vandal Switches - These popular anti-vandal series now offer RGB LEDs and power symbol graphics and illumination.

RP8300/01 Series Pushbutton Switch (.pdf) - This illuminated pushbutton switch features a threaded panel mount and is sealed to IP67 standards. It also has a long life expectancy, with 500,000 operating life cycles.

RP8200/01 Series Pushbutton Switch (.pdf) - This latching, threaded panel mounted pushbutton offers multiple actuator color options. It also offers discrete LED options to allow design freedom to control when you want to illuminate.

RP8100/01 Series Pushbutton Switch (.pdf) - This momentary, sealed pushbutton offers threaded or snap-in/press fit panel mounting. Has multiple actuator colors and discrete LED illumination options.

2016-2017 Product Matrix Catalog (.pdf) - E-Switch has a new product matrix catalog. These are resources for you to learn more about E-Switch's switches, markets, and the right series to fit your needs.

Wearable Technology Resource Brochure (.pdf) - This brochure can be used as a resource for those product design engineers who are looking for the ultra miniature switches to use for their wearable product applications.

ULV4 Series Anti-Vandal Switch - This switch is the first one that is UL certified, offering a rating of 3A 250VAC. The ULV4 series has even more features. It is IP67 rated and has an operating life up to 1,000,000 life cycles (momentary) and 500,000 (latching).

[.PDF] Product Matrix Catalog 2013

E-Switch Introduces New Tact Switch With 10 Million Life Cycles, Rated IP67

TL3210 Series Tact Switch - TL3210 is a surface mount, illuminated tact switch.

[.PDF] Power Switches Training Module - Download the E-Switch Product Matrix Module on power switches for features and functions of E-Switch power switches.

[.PDF] Application Wins and Opportunities - View applications and markets for E-Switch product.

TL3240 Series Tact Switch - The TL3240 series illuminated tact switch. This tact switch is a surface mount (SMT) switch that offers LED illumination in blue, red, green and yellow.

TL1265 Series Illuminated Vertical Tact Switch - Offers brilliant illumination in a small package size. With vertical termination and multiple cap options, it offers a 500,000 cycle life expectancy.

TL4100 and TL4105 Series Tact Switch Offers Unique Board Edge Mounting - Offering a very unique board edge mounting design, an ultra-miniature size, and a long life expectancy, these switches are a perfect fit for handheld devices.

RBW2 Series Fully Illuminated IP66 Rated Rocker Switch - fully illuminated power-rated rocker switch is sealed to IP66 ratings without a rubber boot/PVC cap.

[.PDF] Product Matrix Brochure - Download the E-Switch Product Matrix Brochure which provides product information comparisons on the following Switch Series: Anti-Vandal, Pushbutton, Tactile, Snap Action, Rocker, Toggle, Slide and DIP.

E-Switch’s PP1 and PP2 Series Pushbutton Switches Offer Push-Pull Functionality Rated up to 1HP - PP1 and PP2 series pushbutton switch, featuring push-pull functionality with momentary functions, high power ratings and is rated to 1HP.

E-Switch Announces the LP1 Series, an Illuminated Round Pushbutton Switch that Features Multiple LED Color Options - E-Switch's LP1 Series illuminated switch is panel mount and is a momentary switch

E-Switch's Newest Illuminated Pushbutton Switch - E-Switch announces the LP11 series, an illuminated pushbutton switch that features multiple cap and LED color options.

E-Switch Introduces New Illuminated Pushbutton Switch, LP6 - E-Switch introduces LP6, illuminated pushbutton switch, illuminated with two separate LEDs.

E-Switch Introduces 5 New Slide Switches - E-Switch announces 5 new slide switches that come in tape and reel packaging and are subminiature surface mount

E-Switch Announces New Illuminated Tact Switch - E-Switch announces the TL1290, the latest in illuminated tact switch offerings.

E-Switch Announces TL9000 Soft Touch Tactile Switch - E-Switch announces TL9000 series, a soft touch tactile switch with a long travel and light force

E-Switch Introduces Their Newest and Lowest Profile Tact Switch - the TL3315! - E-Switch introduces the TL3315 tact switch, only .55mm high, for applications where space is limited

E-Switch Announces Their New TS Series Sub-Miniature Snap Action Switches - E-Switch's new sub-miniature snap action switches are the perfect switch for the appliance, medical device, security and instrumentation markets

E-Switch Announces New Sealed Right Angle Tactile Switch - E-Switch announces the TL6190 - a new, right angle, sealed tactile switch featuring reliable dome technology and a strong tactile force

E-Switch Announces New RP8100 Series Pushbutton Switches - E-Switch's new round illuminated pushbutton switch has a classy, sleek design and extended operating life

E-Switch Announces New Modular Illuminated Pushbutton Switch Series - E-Switch announces the new, modular MDP-16 series of illuminated pushbutton switches. Its modular interface design features an attractive front panel and many illumination options.

NEW TL3340 Series SMT Subminiature Tact Switches - E-Switch announces their TL3340 series tact switches. These subminiature SMT switches feature a reliable dome technology and a strong tactile force.

E-Switch New Subminiature Snap Action Switches - E-Switch announces their SS Series snap action switches featuring a sub-miniature package size and designed for higher reliability applications.

E-Switch Announces their New SMT Tact Switch has Dual LED, Ultra-miniature Design - This tact switch comes in an ultra-miniature design and dual LEDs with single or dual color options.

New Tactile Switch has LED Illumination in a Right Angle Design - E-Switch announces their TL1260 Right Angle Illuminated tact switch. This switch comes with many features, including its right angle, thru hole design.

E-Switch Introduces the TL3350 Sealed SMT Tact - E-Switch announces their new TL3350 low current, dual action tact switch. This sealed SMT tact switch is designed with a low profile and comes with or without an actuator.

E-Switch Introduces the TL6700 Sealed SMT Tact - E-Switch announces their new TL6700 low current tact switch. This sealed SMT tact switch is ideal for aqueous wash processes. With an unparalleled seal quality, it provides protection from exposure to moisture. Its low profile surface mount technology makes it great for consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, instrumentation, telecommunications and industrial electronics. Available in tape and reel for auto insertion.

E-Switch Introduces the JS1300 Navigation Switch - E-Switch announces their new JS1300 Navigation Switch. This switch features multi-position, multi-switch functionality integrated into a single switch package.

Switch offers new right angle SMT tact switch - E-Switch announces their new TL3320 right angle SMT tact switch. It’s unique design allows PC board edge mounting.


E-Switch adds new flush mount switch to their LA series product line - E-Switch announces their new flush mount lighted pushbutton switch. Available in many different color and illumination options, this flush mount pushbutton switch is an exciting addition and great for outdoor applications that require protection from the elements.

E-Switch offers new illuminated push button series switch with more functionality - E-Switch announces their new PB1973 series switch. This illuminated power push button is panel mount and comes with several illumination options.

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