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HARTING USA is the North American subsidiary of HARTING, a German-based global leader in the connector industry. We develop, manufacture and sell the world's most durable and reliable products and solutions for use in mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distribution as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication.

Recently Announced

HARTING RJ Industrial MultiFeature IDC Connectors - The HARTING RJ Industrial MF series is characterized by tool-free assembly, easier assembly and a robust metal housing.

HARTING Han Shielded Power Module - HARTING's Han Shielded Power Module with shielding features 3 power contacts, 1 PE contact and 2 signal contacts. With this new interface you can assemble multiple shielded power cables assuring their shielding at module level.

HARTING Han-Modular Flexbox - The HARTING Han-Modular® Flexbox makes it possible to sub-divide energy chains into flexibly manageable and easily replaceable segments.

HARTING ix Industrial Type A and B Flat Horizontal PCB Receptacles - The HARTING ix Industrial has the potential to replace the RJ45 in use today since it represents a robust, miniaturized Ethernet interface. ix Industrial product line is available in Type A (Ethernet) and Type B (signal) variants.

HARTING Han HsB Crimp Insert - HARTING Han HsB 6-Pin Crimp Inserts are 6-pin crimp heavy duty power connectors designed for use in injection-molding machines.

HARTING T1 Industrial SPE Cable Assembly - Highly optimized high frequency design, shielding and high mechanical robustness make HARTING T1 SPE connector a perfect choice to fulfill all industrial Single Pair Ethernet demands.

HARTING Han DD Double Module - The HARTING Han DD double module is a high contact density, double wide, 36 pin module for the Han Modular platform.

HARTING Han DDD Inserts - Connectivity needs vary and HARTING Han-Modular® series is designed to meet the unique needs of any customer. With decreased time in project schedules and the increased need for flexibility and space optimization, HARTING modular solutions are a perfect fit.

HARTING Han K9/9/18 Insert - The HARTING Han K9/9/18 Insert is a single insert with 18 signal contacts (10A), 9 power contacts (16A), 9 power contacts (40A), giving you a cost and space savings.

HARTING Han 3A INOX Housing with Hinged Cover - HARTING Han 3A INOX housing with a hinged cover is an INOX stainless steel product line addition.

HARTING Han 3A M25 Side Entry Hood - Han 3A size connectors can now be produced in much wider diameters. Instead of the previous M20 screw fittings, cable diameters measuring up to 25 percent wider can be used from now on.

HARTING Han EMC Panel Feed Through Housings - The HARTING Han® EMC panel feed through housing is an EMC version of the existing Han B panel feed through. Provides excellent EMC shielding where electromagnetic interference is high, while providing an IP65 degree of protection mate.

HARTING Han 28DD and 40DD Inserts - HARTING Han 28DD and 40DD are product extensions for 15D and 25D inserts in the Han A product series (10A and 16A size respectively).

HARTING Han 1A Connector System - The Han 1A connector system offers a compact, robust and universally deployable rectangular connector system for transmission in all lifelines of Industry 4.0 (data, power, signals).

HARTING Han-Modular Guiding Module and Relay Module - HARTING’s Han-Modular offers a guiding module which provides guiding assistance when mating a Han-Modular hood/housing together.

HARTING har-port USB Charger - HARTING's har-port USB charger can be used inside switch cabinets or drive cabinets to charge USB enabled devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

HARTING VarioBoot RJ45 Cat 6A Cable Assemblies - VarioBoot RJ45 overmolded patchcords introduce flexibility of controlling the angle and orientation of the RJ45 connectors to have an ideal fit inside of an electrical enclosure or a control cabinet.

HARTING Han-Modular Full High Density Module 28-24AWG - The Han-Modular Full High Density Module 28-24AWG is an extension of the high density module. Allows 36 D-Sub crimp contacts in an extremely dense space.

HARTING Han HP Metric Hood and Housing - Han HP Series is a high IP, compact design screw down hood/housing for use in industrial environments.

HARTING M12 L-Code Power Without FE Contact - M12 L-Coded 4Pin Connectors offer a current range between 12A to 16A and 63VDC max. voltage rating.

HARTING Han-Modular Docking Frame Cover - HARTING plastic cover series for Han-Modular docking frame family.

HARTING Han-Modular 27 Contact Shielded Module - HARTING Han-Modular Shielded Module features high density product extension of the shielded module, suitable for transmission of sensitive signals (ie bus signals).

HARTING M12 A, D and X-Code Angled Crimp Connector - HARTING introduces the new M12 A, D and X-Code angled M12 crimp connectors with PushPull locking mechanism. With a quick and easy mating process, these connectors offer a significant reduction in connection and deployment time.

HARTING M8 D-Code Angled PCB Receptacles - The new M8 D-code has a robust metal housing with continuous shielding, which enables it to supply devices with 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet.

HARTING PushPull 2.0 Variant 4 - The HARTING PushPull 2.0 Variant 4 is compact and space-saving product line designed for Ethernet (copper and Fiber), signal and power, indoor and outdoor applications.

HARTING ix Industrial Type A and Type B - Device interfaces and system cables must be smaller, more powerful and yet more robust. The new HARTING ix Industrial® not only takes up 70 % less space compared to RJ45, but is also much more robust.

HARTING M12 Male Slim Design Connectors - HARTING’s M12 Slim Design connectors and components with crimp termination technology cater to the growing use of M12 connectivity in factory automation and transportation.

HARTING M12 A-Code and D-Code Slim Design Connectors - M12 A-Code and D-Code IDC Slim Design connectors from HARTING feature standard screw-in termination and PushPull locking mechanism. These connectors have been designed to work with AWG 26 wires.

HARTING Han ES Press HMC - The HARTING Han ES Press HMC series interfaces can be installed quickly without tools and are extremely robust.

HARTING Han-Eco B Series - HARTING’s Han-Eco® B series is an expansive series of thermoplastic, economical, and corrosion-resistant hoods & housings.

HARTING Han-Modular Pneumatic Angled Metal Contacts - HARTING Han-Modular pneumatic metal contacts featuring a 90° angled fitting at the termination side of the contact.

HARTING Han M23 Hybrid - HARTING Han M23 Hybrid is a product extension to incorporate data via coax into the circular connector along with the existing power and signal contacts.

HARTING Han-Eco Modular Snap 24 HSE and Han-Eco PE-Multiplier - HARTING Han-Eco® Modular Snap 24 HSE is a combination of the Han-Eco and the Han-Snap (with additional features).

HARTING Han-Modular Guard - HARTING Han-Modular® Guard introduces an improved method guiding and protecting the Modular hinged frame plus and its modules.

HARTING har-port Service Interfaces - White - HARTING's har-port is an addition to the product range that offers service interfaces for Ethernet and USB.

HARTING Han-Modular Sliding Frame - HARTING Han-Modular Sliding Frame

HARTING Han 6 HP - HARTING Han 6 HP is a combination housing and panel feed through design to accommodate for harsh environments.

HARTING Han Ex, Class 1 Div II Connector Series - Han Ex Class 1, Div II connector series product line addresses the specifications required in Class 1, Division II hazardous locations for sale in the Americas.

HARTING Han-Modular Surge Protection Module - The HARTING Han-Modular Surge Protection Module protects sensitive equipment circuitry from transient over-voltage prior to the irregular voltage response entering the equipment.

HARTING Han-Modular Gigabit Cat 7A Module - HARTING has designed the Han Gigabit Module for the industry's most demanding transmission category Cat. 7A, which is suitable for 10 GB Ethernet.

HARTING Han HP Direct Cover - Han HP Direct Cover is an accessory cover to protect the device's bulkhead mounted housing when unmated.

HARTING Han-Modular Switch US4 - HARTING Han-Modular Switch US4 is one of the first products in the Han Smart portfolio. Switch US4 (Ethernet mini-switch) is an 4 port unmanaged switch suitable to support high speed Ethernet devices.

HARTING Han Q 5/0-M-C - HARTING Han Q 5/0 is capable of 36 coding options without losing a contact chamber. Therefore, the inserts are carried out with 2 contact chambers in order to install the coding pins.

HARTING Han B Panel Feed Through - HARTING's Han B PFT combines a hood and housing to simplify the process to lay or route cable though several rooms compared to existing cable feed through systems.

HARTING Han HPR Slim Connector Assemblies - HARTING Han HPR Slim connector assemblies are a family of hood and housing options designed for Han modular contacts.

HARTING Han-Modular CAN ID Module - HARTING has developed the Han-Modular ID module for CAN networks, a bus system for automation and control featuring a number of advantages such as high functional reliability – also under demanding and harsh conditions.

HARTING Han 3A Screw-In Angled Housing - HARTING Han HPR 22 Slim is a compact 4 pin hood and housing assembly for Han HC Modular 250 contacts.

HARTING Ha-VIS preLink M12 Cable Jacks - HARTING Ha-VIS preLink M12 X-code and D-code cable jacks with PushPull locking feature and Ha-VIS preLink PCB jack for direct connection to the PCB.

HARTING M12 A and D-Code Slim Design - HARTING M12 A-Code and D-Code IDC Slim Design connectors with standard screw-in termination and PushPull locking mechanism.

HARTING M8 D-Code Receptacle and Cable Assemblies - On the circuit board, the HARTING M8 receptacle is about 30% smaller compared to the M12 solution.

HARTING Sensor Actuator Boxes - HARTING new sensor actuator boxes provide a compact design for versatile applications. The sensor actuator boxes ensure a simple field installation, reduce wiring effort and installation time.

HARTING M12 Gender Changers with PushPull Feature - M12 Gender Changer products, with PushPull feature, are based on HARTING’s well known and robust M12 Gender Changer design.

HARTING M12 A-Code and D-Code Angled PCB Adapters - HARTING M12 A and D coded angled PCB receptacles designed for THR soldering technology, available in 2-piece design.

HARTING M12 A,D and X Code Receptacles SMT - HARTING M12 A, D and X Coded SMT receptacles are a family of shielded, unshielded, SMD and board-locking receptacles.

HARTING M12 Power L-Code Cable Assemblies - These assemblies are available in standard lengths with possibility of creating and delivering custom lengths, M12 L-Code assemblies are available in shielded and unshielded versions and with 2 different crimp sizes.

HARTING Han 3A RJ45 Hybrid Cat6 PTF 8+4 Plastic - HARTING's Han 3A RJ45 hybrid PTF 8+4 is a robust, Cat6 plastic addition to the already existing Han 3A hybrid (RJ45 + 4 power contacts) product line.

HARTING M12 A-Code PushPull Connector - M12 A-code 4/5-pole and 8-pole connector with HARTINGs PushPull locking mechanism.

HARTING M12 INOX Connector - HARTING M12 INOX connectors are an easy-to-assemble family of stainless steel, IP65/67 plugs and receptacles with M12 threads.

HARTING M12 INOX Connector - HARTING M12 INOX connectors are an easy-to-assemble family of stainless steel, IP65/67 plugs and receptacles with M12 threads.

MICA Basic Ethernet Starter Kit - The HARTING MICA basic Ethernet starter kit is ideal for those who are looking to connect periphery devices through Ethernet that may communicate over protocols such as Modbus-TCP or OPC UA.

MICA CISS Complete IIoT Starter Kit - The HARTING MICA CISS Complete IIoT Starter Kit contains everything needed for a basic condition monitoring application.

MICA RF-R300 Complete RFID Starter Kit - This kit contains everything needed for a basic RFID asset tracking application. Inside there are industrial RFID tags, the HARTING MICA RF-R300 reader, two antennas and all the cabling you need.

M12 D-Code Angled Female PCB Adapters with PushPull Feature - This new product incorporates HARTING's unique PushPull mechanism, allowing it to be used with their M12 D-code male connectors and cable assemblies.

HARTING MICA® IIoT Starter Kits - The three HARTING MICA kits all support different but equally important applications in IIoT and Industry 4.0. Picking the correct kit is crucial for your success.

HARTING Hall Effect Current Sensors - The new current sensors from HARTING have a robust design, making them ideal in harsh conditions for markets such as rail technology and renewal energy. he current sensor product family is based on the proven and tested Hall effect and, galvanically isolated, measures the current via the magnetic field of the conductor. This uses two principles of measurement: compensation current sensors are available for demanding measurement tasks. If there is less demand for accuracy, open-loop current sensors can be used.

HARTING D-Sub Connectors - D-Sub connectors are an Industry Standard for cable-to-board connectivity applications and include a comprehensive range of PCB termination styles available, including press-in, solder, THR or SMT

Harting Han-Modular® Hinged Frame Plus - HARTING’s new Han-Modular® Hinged Frame Plus has improved upon the well-known Han-Modular building block with the addition of a stainless steel spring that holds the frame together in the open and closed positions. The new additions result in substantial time and cost savings with an easier and more efficient process.

Harting Han-Eco® 10A & 16A Outdoor Hoods/Housings - HARTING’s Han-Eco® 10A & 16A Outdoor Hoods/Housing are built with corrosion-proof, lightweight high performance plastic and offers mating compatibility to metal hoods and housings in sizes 10A & 16A. All of the characteristics of the hoods and housings are the same as the standard versions but the sealing of the Han-Eco outdoor version is FPM.

HARTING Han® Pneumatic Module Metal - HARTING’s Han® Pneumatic Module Metal offers the possibility to transmit compressed air with a wide range of newly developed features to improve the customer benefits. The use of new metal connectors opens up new combination possibilities for pneumatics in connectors for high mating cycles.

Han® HP Direct Housing Series - HARTING’s new Han® HP Direct Housing Series is a new housing system that eliminates the classic bulkhead mounting housing. Installation only requires the mounting flanges to be screwed to the cabinet wall.

DIN 41 612 Connectors - HARTING is the world leader in DIN 41 612 connectors, offering the widest range of DIN 41 612 Signal, Power, Mixed, 64 VME 64x, and DIN 41 612 Shell Housings and Accessories on the market.

Han-Modular® Series Connectors - THE modular connector: Merge power, signals, data, and even compressed air into a unique connector. Han Modular® offers easy-to-handle, highly flexible solutions with a small footprint and versatile functionality.

M8 & M12 Connectors & System Cables - HARTING's HARAX® IDC quick connection technology is an ideal solution for the in situ assembly of RJ45 or M8/M12 connectors rated for harsh industrial environments. This revolutionary IDC connection technology is smart, safe and easy to handle: Simply strip the cable insulation and insert the conductors.

Han-Eco® 10A & 16A hood/housings - The new Han-Eco® A series combines the well-known characteristics of the existing Han-Eco® portfolio. All components are made of corrosion-proof, light weight high performance plastic.

Han-INOX® 3 A Cable to Cable Hood - Designed for the toughest conditions, the Han-INOX® connector series operates in areas that were previously unthinkable because of extremely demanding conditions.

Han® PE-module - HARTING is pleased to announce the Han® PE-module which expands on current Han-Modular® product portfolio. The module is available in two different termination technologies.

Han® Megabit & Gigabit HMC - HARTING is pleased to announce two new modules to expand the Han-Modular® portfolio; the Han® Megabit & Gigabit high mating cycle (HMC).

Han- Fast® Lock Angled Version - HARTING is pleased to announce a new Han- Fast® Lock Angled version. The Han-Fast® Lock connector easily meets the requirements of high electrical currents while offering a solder free termination to PCB boards.

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