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Hirose Product News

Connecting the future. Hirose is one of the world's largest connector manufacturers with annual sales of just under a billion dollars. Hirose manufactures a wide variety of high-performance connectors for applications that include computers, peripheral equipment, terminal equipment, mobile/wired/wireless communications equipment, office automation equipment, consumer equipment, control equipment and automotive uses.

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Recently Announced

Hirose D.FL75 Series Micro Coaxial Connector - The Hirose D.FL75 series features a compact 75 Ohm Coaxial connector and high impedance matching (high frequency compatible from DC to 12GHz).

Hirose FH72 Series High FPC Retention Force Connector - Hirose’s FH72 Series unique one action lock allows a FPC to be inserted into the connector without opening the actuator.

Hirose FH67 Series FPC/FFC/Shield FFC Connector - The Hirose Electric FH67 Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connector features an automatic one-action lock design. The 0.5mm-pitch, 30-position connector offers a rugged design with two-point independent contact springs and a single-action lock with a clear tactile click.

Hirose ZERO SCREW Terminal Block EF2 Series - A spring terminal block that can connect cables to electrical equipment such as power distribution in buildings without using screws.

Hirose FH63 Series - Hirose’s FH63 series is a robust, high retention force, high heat resistant FPC/FFC connector. Features also include a single action lock with high retention force ideal for robotic assembly.

Hirose FH62 FPC Connector - Hirose's FH62 series, flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector with a single-action lock is designed for automatic assembly and simply the design process.

BF4M Series Optical Connector System - Hirose developed the micro BF4M connector that enables optical transmission of data between boards that are incorporated in devices.

Hirose CX Series - The new CX series connector from Hirose conforms to the next-generation USB standard 'USB Type-C'. It is expected to be widely adopted as a standard interface in various devices in the consumer, industrial machinery and automobile market.

Hirose ER8 High Speed Board to Board Connector - Hirose, a leader in the development of innovative connector solutions, has designed a 0.8mm pitch board-to-board connector that supports high transmission speeds of more than 10Gbps.

Hirose ix Industrial™ Series - Ethernet communication between electronic equipment has increased with the "Industry 4.0" trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

FX30B Series Board to Board Connectors - The Hirose FX30B series is a board-to-board power connector system rated to 10 A per line. The unique contact structure absorbs misalignment up to ±0.3 mm in the XY directions and +1 mm in the Z direction. There is high contact reliability with independent 4-point contact.

MF11BMT Series Waterproof Optical Connectors - Hirose has developed a compact, waterproof optical connector with a built-in MT (mechanical transfer) ferrule. Protected to IP67 (waterproof), the MF11BMT offers a space saving interface with high pin counts in a rugged, small form factor that enables size reduction of broadcasting equipment, machine vision cameras or communication / base station transmission equipment.

FX10-3 Series - Hirose's FX10-3 Series uses an SMT board-to-board connector that has a unique 3-piece floating contact system to simplify assembly and support high-speed transmission capability up to 15 Gbps. The FX10-3 series is designed for high-speed transmission applications that require multiple stacking connectors on the same PCB.

FH64MA Series - Hirose's FH64MA FPC Connectors are a super low profile, space saving back flip connector. With a 0.25mm pitch and 0.5mm height, the connector allows for greater design flexibility toward placement. Hirose's FH64MA series has a unique locking mechanism that makes it easier to not only insert the FPC, but to detect misinsertion as well.

FH65 Series - Hirose's FH65 Series is a compact flexible printed (FPC)/flat flexible connector (FFC) with a space-saving, low-profile design. The FH65 Series features a pitch of only 0.50mm, a height of 1.20mm and a depth of only 3.57mm, which reduces the occupied mounting area by 47% with a weight reduction of 62% compared to comparable products.

DF58 Series - Hirose's DF58 Series are an ultra-low-profile wire-to-board power connector that is designed for a wide range of consumer and portable power supply applications. The DF58 Series has a pitch of only 1.2mm and a stacking height of 1.0mm, which makes this connector the industry's lowest profile when used with a 28 AWG wire.

EM35M Series - Hirose's EM35M Series is a high current, plastic power supply connector system. The 4 position connector is rated up to 70A when using AWG#8 cable. The EM35M Series offers easy crimp termination and the terminals can be crimped with a standard tool in accordance with JIS C 9711.

PS4 Busbar Plug-In Connectors - Hirose's PS4 Busbar Plug-In Connectors offer a floating contact alignment that can absorb mounting misalignment of up to 2mm in the XY direction to ease installation in data centers, power distribution units, storage battery systems and uninterrupted power supplies.

EF1 Series - Hirose's new EF1 Series is an in-line power connector that handles up to 160A and offers a simplified assembly. The EF1 Series is available in both a DIN rail mount type and a panel mount type.

EV2 Series - Hirose's EV2 Series is a high-current connector capable of up to 200A and designed to provide a more reliable, cost effective alternative to terminal blocks in high-power applications.

PS3F Series - Hirose's PS3F Series, with both power and signal contacts, is front-mount version of the PS3 connector that is best suited for installations in which rear maintenance space is limited or absent.

DF52 Series - Hirose's DF52 Series is a small 0.8mm-pitch wire-to-board connector that delivers up to 2.5A per contact and provides a space-saving, robust, wire-to-board connectivity solution for applications requiring more strength and durability.

PS3 Series - Hirose's PS3 Series is part of the growing Hirose Electric family of industrial power product connectors. With two types available, power only and power/signal hybrid type, this series is rated for up to 150 A.

IX Series - Hirose's IX Series of compact and rugged I/O connectors can support high-speed signal transmission up to 3 Gbps and feature a positive lock mechanism and an enhanced structural grounding shield for prevention of EMI/ESD.

SW20 Series - Hirose's waterproof SW20 connector series combines a standard optical connector (SC/LC) and optical adaptor (SC/LC), and is covered with a waterproof shell. The waterproof bayonet locking mechanism provides a single-action mating/unmating between the receptacle mounted on the chassis and the plug.

FH58 0.2mm Pitch FPC Connectors - Hirose's compact, FH58-series FPC connectors have a 0.2 mm pitch, mounted depth of 3.1 mm, and a height of 0.9 mm. Combining small size and a light weight, the FH58-series connectors weigh only 0.046g; making the FPC connector ideal for the growing wearable electronics market

FH53 0.2mm Pitch FPC Connectors - Hirose's FH53 FPC Connectors feature a low-profile design that produces a 0.65mm mounted height and combines a narrow pitch (0.2mm) and depth (3.2mm with the actuator in the locked position) to maximize valuable board space in portable electronics applications

BNC75 Series - 50Ω-based BNC connector, 75Ω type BNC type products are widely used as 50Ω connectors. Hirose's BNC75 is rated for 75Ω and can be mated with the other BNC connectors.

KN27 Series - The KN27 Series is a low height, space saving design that offers high contact reliability with a 2-point contact. These connectors offer easy insertion by guide structures and easy cable extraction by a level design.

BM29 Series - Hirose's BM29 Series Connectors are the world's smallest size hybrid board to FPC connectors and contribute to space-saving and design flexibility in mobile devices. These connectors have unique metal guides that prevent the housing damage due to offset mating and a clear tactile click that ensures a secure mating.

FX23/FX23L Series - Hirose's FX23/FX23L series has been introduced to meet the requirements for floating connectors that can handle high current ratings and high-speed transmission.

CX70 Series USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C Compliant Interface Connector - Introducing a mid-mount USB 3.1 Type-C connector featuring a compact footprint and a depth of only 8.5mm. The shorter design creates additional PCB space for optimizing antenna design and allows for larger battery capacity.

DF11 Series - Double rows of 2mm pitch contact have been condensed within the 5mm width which results into a space-saving design. The insulation displacement and crimping methods are prepared for connection, thus, board-to-cable, in-line, board-to-board connectors are provided in order to widen a board design variation.

FunctionMAX™ Board-to-Board Connecter Series - Comprised of both floating structure and high-speed connectors. The series possess unique features in addition to floating functions and high-speed transmission to meet requirements of various industrial applications.

Hirose BM25 Series Board to Board Connectors - Offers a low-profile design with the capability of high current power supply. The BM25 series expands the Hirose product offering of Hybrid Board to FPC connectors with a rated current of 9A for power and 1A for signal. The BM25 connector has stacking height of 0.7mm with a depth of 2.6mm.

Hirose Electric EnerBee™ Connectors - Family of small, high-power connectors for use in industrial power supply and other power-demanding applications such as servers, medical devices and home electronics. EnerBee connectors combine a compact space-saving design with high-end performance and current ratings from 5A to 50A.

BM24 5A Hybrid Power/Signal - 0.35mm Pitch 0.8mm Height Hybrid Power/Signal Connectors for Board-to-Board and FPC-to-Board.

DF63W Series - Small, waterproof, wire-to-wire power connectors capable of delivering up 14A in the 2 positions version using 16AWG wire.

FX20 Series - 0.5 mm Pitch, Board to Board Connector with Floating Structure

HR41A Series - Hirose Electric HR41A Circular Waterproof Connectors are IP68 rated, plastic-shelled connectors designed to provide advanced reliability and high power use in harsh, outdoor environments.

UFL Series Ultra Small Mount Coaxial Connectors - The Hirose U.FL series is an ultra-small surface-mount coaxial connector that is widely accepted as a standard in the industry. It features a nominal mated height of 2.5 mm max and has a small mounting area of 3.0 mm by 3.1 mm.

Hirose DM3C-SF - The Hirose Electric MicroSD™ Card Connectors have extremely small external dimensions and the above-the-board height makes the connectors the smallest on the market

Hirose DF13 Series - 1.25mm Pitch Miniature Crimping Connector are multi-contact, and correspond to automatic mounting

DF75H Series - The Hirose DF57H Series is a 1.2mm pitch, Swing Lock, Wire-to-Board connectors that have a low profile and a unique swing lock structure to provide highly reliable connections.

Hirose DF50 Series - Narrow 1 mm pitch, board-to-wire connector that significantly reduces the required PC board mounting area.

Hirose DF60 Series Small Size Board to Wire Connector, Up to 40 Amps - The rugged DF60 Series connector features a highly reliable five-point contact design with independent contact springs, a center lock with a clear tactile 'click' to ensure secure mating and prevent against half-locking and uneven side-locking, and guards designed into the connector body prevent cable snaring.

DF62 Slim In-Line Connectors - These slim in-line connectors were designed to take full advantage of small/confined spaces and are virtually tangle free.

Hirose DF59 Series 2.0mm Pitch Connectors - Developed for LED applications, Hirose DF59 Series 2.0mm Pitch Connectors feature an ultra-low profile design which minimizes shadowing. These 2.0mm pitch connectors enable multiple wire-to-board, co-planar board-to-board bridge, and short-circuit pin connections to the PCB, minimizing the issue of thermal expansion.

Hirose FH41 & FH48 0.5mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connectors - The FH41 and FH48 Series feature an exclusive GND terminal design, impedance-matched shield FFC ground contacts, and high-speed transmission rates using a differential impedance of 100Ω±10% (3.75 Gbps max.)

FH19SC Change Notice - This notice is to advise you that Hirose Electric will be modifying our support of the FH19SC series over the next couple of years. As a result of current market trends indicating a shift from a 0.3mm thickness FPC to 0.2mm, our new product focus will be the FH19C and other FH series which support the 0.2mm FPC thickness. As a result we do not recommend our FH19SC series for new designs. See the wide range of FPC/FFC interconnect solutions currently available

Hirose FX18 Series - The Hirose Electric FX18 Series Hi-Speed B2B Connectors are headers and receptacles, right angle or straight, with a 0.8mm pitch for coplanar or vertical connection.

LF Series - Simple assembly and connection of shielded cable are among the features of the LF series of miniature waterproof shielded connectors from Hirose

ST Series: Interface Connectors for Miniature, Portable Terminal Devices - developed as external input/output connectors for the portable and mobile devices used in consumer markets.

Hirose ZX360 Series Micro USB 3.0 Connectors - Super speed ZX360 USB 3.0 connectors for better performing connectors with superior high speed transmission capability.

DF12 Series - Hirose's DF12 Series is a 0.5mm pitch SMT board to board connector.

ZX360 Series - The ZX360 Series is Hirose's New Interface USB 3.0 connector that was designed for High-Speed data transmission. The ZX360 is also backwards compatible to the USB 2.0 format.

Hirose MF10 Series - The MF10 Series is a two-way, fiber optic, ultra small waterproof (IP67 rated) optical connector that was made to withstand harsh outside environments and also utilizes high strength flexible MIL cable.

Hirose HR10 Series - Push-pull type micro couplings that offer light weight and assure high reliability and durability as well as easy "push-pull" operation.

FH40 Series FPC/FFC Vertical Mount Connectors - Designed with durability, versatility and stability in mind, the Hirose FH40 Series features strong actuator construction, simple FPC insertion, and a flip-lock to assure reliable mechanical and electrical connection.

[.PDF] Hirose Flex Circuit Connectors - compare and contrast FPC/FFC For 0.5mm pitch including FH12, FH16, FH19, FH28, FH31, FH33, FH34S, FH40, FH41 and FH48

[.PDF] Hirose Board-to-Board Connectors - compare and contrast FPC to Board, 0.4mm pitch including BM10, BM14, DF30, DF37, DF18, DF40, DF23, DF16, DF29, DF12 and DF17

[.PDF] Hirose Board-to-Wire Connectors - compare and contrast Cable to Board Connectors 2.5mm and larger including A1/A2, DF33, PX, MDF6, DF5, DF22, DF1, DF1B, DF1E, HNC and HIF3B

[.PDF] Hirose Board-to-Wire Connectors - compare and contrast Cable to Board Connectors 1mm to 2mm pitch including DF24, DF50, FX15, DF19, DF20, MDF76, DF14, DF13, A3/A4, DF3 and DF11

[.PDF] Hirose Circular Connectors - compare and contrast Micro-Miniature Circular Metal Construction Connectors including HA, HR10, HR11, HR22, HR25A, HR12/HR212, HS, JR, RM, MXR, SR30 and SR38

[.PDF] Hirose Circular Connectors - compare and contrast Waterproof Series Connectors including JRW, LF07, LF10, LF13, RM-W, HR22, HR30, HR24 and HR34B

[.PDF] Hirose Mini Coaxial Connectors - compare and contrast SMT Style Finger Lock Co-Axial connectors including FL, H.FL, H.FL(75), E.FL, N,FL, U.FL, U.FL(V), W.FL, W.FL2 and X.FL

[.PDF] Hirose Flex Circuit Connectors - compare and contrast FPC/FFC for 0.4mm and smaller contact pitch including FH35, FH36, FH39, FH42, FH29, FH16, FH30, FH27, FH33, FH23 and FH26

U.FL Series - The U.FL is one of the world's smallest and lightest SMT ultra - miniature coaxial cable to board connector series.

Discrete Wire Connector Series - DF3, DF11 and DF13 connector series from Hirose

HR30 Series Miniature Waterproof Plastic Connectors - These lightweight miniature connectors are IP68 compliant, offer complete protection from dust and water penetration and are perfect for any application requiring a small, waterproof, corrosion-resistant interconnect.

Hirose FH28 FFC/FPC Connectors - Hirose's FH28 series provides a rugged, low profile connector for applications using 0.5mm pitch, Flexible Printed Circuits and Flexible Flat Cable.

Hirose FX11 Series for High Speed Applications - Hirose's FX11 series of board-to-board connectors combine sophisticated design and high density into one package.

Hirose Introduces DM3 Series Connectors for MicroSD Cards - Hirose offers three different connectors for applications needing microSD cards

[.PDF] Hirose Interconnects for Board-to-Wire Applications - Hirose's Board-to-Wire connectors offer contact pitches ranging from 1mm to 3.3mm, multiple pin counts, locking features, and various termination styles

Hirose Interconnects for Board-to-Board Applications - Hirose's Board-to-Board connectors offer innovative, cost effective interconnect solutions to solve your application's demands

[.PDF] Hirose Interconnects for Medical Electronics - Hirose offers many interconnect solutions to the electronic medical device field.

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