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JAE Product News

JAE Electronics, Inc. - JAE Electronics is a top 10 global interconnect supplier and a recognized technology leader in fine pitch board to board, board to cable (including LVDS products), FPC (board-to-flex), memory card, input/output, circular, automotive/transportation, energy storage and waterproof rated connectors.

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Recently Announced

JAE Launches New Website - JAE has recently launched a new website that features a streamlined intuitive design, in-depth product information and enhanced search tools.

JAE MX79A Series In-Vehicle Connectors for ICT Devices - JAE's MX79A Series are miniaturized high-speed automotive infotainment connectors designed to support data transmission.

JAE DX07 USB4 40Gbps Connectors - JAE has launched its first USB Type-C receptacle connectors certified for use in next generation USB4 40Gbps devices

JAE MX80 Series Compact Waterproof Automotive In-Line Connectors - The JAE MX80 Series of compact waterproof automotive in-line connectors are designed for vehicle applications requiring waterproof sealing, high temperature tolerance, and substantial vibration resistance all contained within a small form factor.

JAE WP66DK Series FPC Connector with Power Supply Terminals - JAE's WP66DK Series adopts their standard multifunction hold-down structure which allows them to be used as a power supply terminal to reduce total pin count, as well as maintaining strong board retention with enhanced soldering surface area.

JAE DZ02 Series 1.27mm Pitch Interface Cable Assemblies - The JAE DZ02 Series is a compact interface connector for industrial applications. It features a locking mechanism with excellent vibration resistance and is suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions

JAE WP26DK Series Board-to-board (FPC) Connector - The JAE WP26DK Series is a robust 0.35mm pitch stacking type board-to-board connector. This product has greatly improved strength and reliability by equipping hold-downs with protective metal fittings on the vulnerable internal surfaces of the insulator as well as the top mating surfaces.

JAE DX07 Series 16 Position USB Type-C - The JAE DX07 Series connectors are USB Type-C compliant, and they are a standard interface for various devices, such as PCs, smartphones, audio-visual equipment, gaming devices, and other hand-held devices.

JAE AX03 Series Floating Board-to-Board Connector - The JAE AX03 series offers a space saving low-profile solution through horizontal connection. This connector has a floating structure similar to the AX01 series.

JAE JN1V/JN2V Series Waterproof Circular Connectors - The JAE JN1V/JN2V series come in the same form factor and dimensions as our highly popular traditional JN1/JN2 series. The five-point contact structure of this new series has been upgraded to improve the reliability under higher vibration.

JAE AX01 Series High-Speed Floating Board-to-Board Connector - The JAE AX01 Series is the next generation floating board-to-board connector. This product features a highly reliable two-point contact structure, achieving high-speed transmission exceeding 8 Gbps.

JAE MX34 Series Connector - JAE MX34 Series works as an interface to connect various units such as body-chassis ECU (Electronic Control Unit), switches, and sensors.

JAE DC04 HDMI 2.1 Connectors - JAE DC04 Series is an HDMI 2.1 Specification approved connector family supporting 4K120Dz, 8K60Hz, and dynamic HDR formats.

JAE DX07 USB Type-C Slim Plug, 22 PIN - The JAE DX07 USB Type-C connector, slim plug, 22 position plug has improved transmission characteristics and is designed for high mechanical strength and connection to paddle cards.

JAE 12G-SDI BNC Connector BNC0 Series - This BNC type connector is for 12G-SDI 75 Ohm which is standardized by SMPTE/ITU (SMPTE-STD-2081-1, 2082-1) for 4K/ 8K broadcast connection.

JAE HB03 Series Compact In-line Connector - JAE HB03 Series compact in-line connector is ideal for threading cables through narrow spaces and features a sophisticated one-touch lock mechanism.

JAE AC01 0.5mm Pitch Board to Board Connector - The AC01 series is a 0.5mm pitch board to board connector, suitable for information and communication equipment, and various other industrial equipment.

JAE JF08 Series High Speed FFC Cable Harness - The JF08 series is a pre-terminated cable assembly intended for transmitting high speed differential signals between boards.

JAE DX07 Series USB Type-C VR Standard VirtualLink - JAE has added two new variations to the USB Type-C compatible receptacle connector line-up including a VR standard "VirtualLink" compliant type.

JAE Waterproof USB Type-C DX07W Series - JAE has launched a waterproof USB Type-C receptacle to add to the DX07 Series line-up which achieves waterproof performance by adopting a unique design and insert molding process.

JN1/JN2 Series Waterproof Circular Connector - The JN1/JN2 is a waterproof circular connector series with a one-touch lock mechanism developed as an interface for industrial devices. Available in an all-plastic type (JN1) and a partially metal robust type (JN2). Both are compact in design and are suitable for all kinds of electronic devices. JN1 and JN2 are UL certified. The 4- contact JN2 is TUV certified.

JAE DX07 USB Type C Connector - DX07 Series connectors are compatible with the next-generation USB Type-C specification. With its compact design and high-density terminals, the USB Type-C connector is ideal for mobile devices. It is capable of 10 Gbps high-speed communication and a maximum of 5 A current for faster charging. The reversible plug orientation allows for easy insertion.

JAE ST12 & ST50 microSD Card Connectors - JAE microSD cards are widely used as an external storage medium for compact devices such a smartphones, cameras, tablets and notebook PCs.

JAE DX07 Series Harness/Assemblies - JAE's DX07 Series assemblies are compatible with next generation USB specification "USB Type C" connections.

JAE Electronics DX07 Series USB Type-C™ Cable Assemblies - JAE Electronics DX07 Series USB Type-C™ Cable Assemblies are compliant with the next generation USB Type-C specification. The assemblies support USB 3.1 transmission speeds of up to 10Gbps and a maximum of 5A of power.

SF56K Series - For mobile devices with communication capabilities such as feature phones, smartphones, mobile routers and tablets, micro SIM (3FF SIM) cards have been adopted. The SF56K Series is a push-push type connector compatible with micro SIM cards.

ST19 Series 3 in 2 Combo Card Connector - JAE Electronics ST19 3-in-2 Card Connector is a compact and light weight push-eject tray connector. This connector is compatible with 2-types of combinations 2 nano SIM cards or 1 nano SIM card and 1 microSD card. Adopting this combo 3-in-2 type will eliminate the need to equip several card connectors, and therefore will contribute to space saving for the mobile device design.

FB10-JT1 Series - JAE's FB10-JT1 Series is a 0.3mm pitch, low profile, bottom-surface connection type FPC connector that is ideally suited for smaller portable devices including smartphones, tablet PCs and digital cameras.

SF72 Series - JAE's SF72 Series nano SIM Card Connector is a compact and reliable push-push type nano SIM card connector ideal for various handheld/portable applications. The components feature the lowest-in-class height and smallest-in-class dimensions at 1.25mm height, 11.2mm width, and 14.35mm depth while maintaining good operability with enlarged card eject length.

SF72 Series - JAE's SF72 Series nano SIM Card Connector is a compact and reliable push-push type nano SIM card connector ideal for various handheld/portable applications. The components feature the lowest-in-class height and smallest-in-class dimensions at 1.25mm height, 11.2mm width, and 14.35mm depth while maintaining good operability with enlarged card eject length.

ST11-H Series - JAE's ST11-H Series is a push-push type connector compatible with the microSD™ card, specified by SDA as a compact card for various hand-held devices. These connectors are one-piece type external connectors and have the lowest profile of any microSD connector in the industry.

ST1 Series - JAE's ST1 series connectors are one-piece type internal connectors for TransFlash™ (microSD™) card. The high-density, SMT, hinge style, low-profile connectors are compatible with the TransFlash™ (microSD™ card), which is standardized by SanDisk Corporation (SDA™) as a compact memory card for various portable devices.

HB01 Series - JAE's HB01 Series is a waterproof cable-to-cable connector that is ideally suited for the industrial machinery market. The HB01 series is compatible with a wide range of cable sizes to meet the broad range of customer needs.

Transportation eBrochure(pdf) - JAE's eBrochure with specifications, applications, and features detailing the Transportaion and Infotainment connectors.

JAE DX4 Waterproof USB Micro Connector Series - JAE Electronics introduces the DX4 series waterproof micro connectors that are compatible with the micro-USB type 2.0 for small devices standardized by the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. This series from JAE features compatibility with the universal serial bus micro-USB cables and connectors specification Rev 1.01.

TX24A/TX25A Series - JAE has developed the new TX24A / TX25A Series, a higher-speed version of the popular 1.27mm pitch TX24 / TX25 Series board-to-board internal connector used in industrial equipment

LED ES Series Connectors - JAE's LED lighting connectors are eco-friendly and designed for easy assembly of LED mounting and power boards. Compact and low profile, these card edge connectors conserve board mounting space while promoting design flexibility.

Alternative Energy DW and KW1 Series Connectors - With the increasing popularity of solar power and other green energy, the demand for power-saving devices is on the rise. These include storage battery systems and electrical vehicles. JAE has developed interconnect solutions that work in conjunction with these eco-friendly technologies.

Card and Memory SF and MM Series Connectors - In today's age of portable electronics and cross-device data sharing, there is a growing demand for micro SIM cards. JAE card and memory connectors facilitate the use of PCI express mini cards, graphic boards, microSD™ cards, and other micro and nano SIM cards.

WP Series Board-to-Board FPC Connectors - As we trend toward more compact electronic devices, there is a need for smaller-scale accompanying hardware. JAE's 0.4mm-pitch WP Series connectors not only feature a reduced PCB footprint and low mated height, but accommodate the complex design of FPC-attached subassemblies like cameras, LCD displays, touch panels, batteries, and sensors.

JAE DW07 Series - An innovative connector solution that uses no screws, providing substantial benefits over the conventional multiple-screw methods. The DW07 reduces the time needed for installation and maintenance. The elimination of screws also means the connector requires less operating space, allowing for higher density installation. And the ability to attach from the front side of equipment offers greater freedom of design.

DW Series for Battery Connectors - JAE's new DW Series of high power connectors make connecting Energy Storage batteries easier and more efficient than ever before. Customers with applications that require multiple battery modules will greatly benefit from this technology.

JAE Automotive Connectors - Our line accommodates PCB-to-cable, cable-to-cable, and coaxial configurations. Get features like double locking and spring mechanisms, mechanical mating locks, low insertion force, and high frequency transmission. Many models are also compact, lightweight, and/or waterproof.

Connector Selection Guide - View series, part numbers, features and specifications of JAE's connectors to find the best solution for your application.

DW05 Series - JAE has introduced the DW05 Series for Energy Storing Battery Connectors. This connector is a 150A high current connector that makes connecting energy storage batteries easier, safer and more efficient.

New HDMI Standard Type D Micro Connectors - The DC2 & DC3 series connectors are compliant with the HDMI Type C/Type D standards.

New LED Lighting Card Edge Connectors - The ES6 Series card edge connectors are designed for LED light bulbs and LED lighting.

JAE WP10 Series - JAE has developed the stacking type board-to-board connector WP10 Series which has smallest-in-class size of 2.2mm width and 0.7mm stacking height for a high-current compatible connector.

JAE HJ1 Series - Board-to-Cable horizontal connector corresponding to eDP ver.1.4 (5.4Gbps) as a LCD interface for the next generation notebook PCs and tablet PCs.

JAE JL10 Series - The JL10 series are one-touch locking circular waterproof connectors for industrial machines approved by TUV as connectors satisfying European safety standards.

JAE WP6C Series - The WP6C Series is a low-profile stacking type board-to-board(FPC) connector with 0.4mm pitch spacing that is ideal for high-density mounting in slim information communication devices like mobile phones, smartphones, LCD and notebook PC.

[.PDF] JAE Connector Selection Guide - 2015-2016 connector guide featuring Board-to-Board Connectors, Commercial I/O Connectors, Industrial I/O Connectors, Board-to-FPC Connectors, Board-to-Cable Connectors, Card Connectors 1 (microSD, CF, DIMM, PCIe, M.2), Card Connectors 2 (SIM, Micro SIM, Nano SIM), LED Lighting Connectors, Alternative Energy Connectors and Transportation Connectors

JAE DX07 Series � USB Type C Connector - JAE introduces the "New" DX07 "Type C" USB Series and a new slim plug that will add to the "DX07 Series" connector lineup, which is compatible with the next generation USB Type-C specifications.

DF02 Series - an interface connector compatible with the half-pitch (1.27mm) which is used as a standard in the industrial device market

[.PDF] JAE Product Selector Guide 2014

JAE DD4 Series - DD4 Series High-speed transmission compatible low-profile docking connector DD4 - general-purpose outer interface connector compatible with high-speed signal transmission such as USB 3.0

JAE FR02 Series - The FR02 Series is a top- and bottom-surface connection type of FPC connector that is ideal for saving space in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs.

JAE WP7 Series Fine Pitch Connector - low-profile 0.4mm pitch, stacking type board-to-board(FPC) connector

JAE SF56 Series - The SF56 Series is the industry's smallest, lowest-profile push-push type connector

JAE FA10 Series - The FA10 Series FPC Connector is the market's first FPC connector to use a single-action insertion method.

JAE SM3 Series M.2 (NGFF) Connector - The SM3 Series is a small size card-edge connector for mobile devices that offers significant space savings.

DP3 Series - The DP3 Series has been developed as an I/O connector compatible with Thunderbolt™ Technology for high-speed transmission between PCs and peripheral devices.

JAE CE2 Series - Small Coaxial Connectors for Automotive Antenna, designed for an antenna with frequency up to 1GHz for terrestrial digital media broadcasting, car audio, and car navigation

DX4 Series USB 2.0 compatible Micro connectors - The DX4 Series is a set of connectors compatible with the Micro-USB type USB 2.0 for small devices standardized by the USB Implementers Forum Inc.

JAE WP3 Series - The WP3 series is a low-profile board-to-board(FPC) connector with 0.4mm pitch spacing that is ideal for high-density mounting in slim information communication devices like mobile phones, smartphones, and notebook PCs.

JAE HD1 Series � JAE has recently developed the HD Series of connectors (HD1: 40 pos. HD2: 30 pos.) for notebook PC LCD interface applications

JAE FB10 Series � The FB10 Connector Series not only realizes the industry's smallest-in-class size mounting space but also enhances the mating reliability by improving the click feeling of the actuator during assembly.

JAE JF08 Series FFC Connectors - JAE JF08 FFC Connectors are pre-assembled FFC connectors for high speed differential transmission that provide excellent electrical performance, mechanical reliability, and durability

JAE DD1 Series - Conforming to USB 2.0, 0.5mm pitch stroke type connector DD1 series

[.PDF] Connector Selection Guide v2.3

ES5 Series - This compact, low-profile 1 pin connector is compatible with stranded cable and is well suited for use in a wide range of applications

Pull Bar Micro SIM Card - The SF50 Series from JAE is a highly reliable and small-sized micro SIM card connector for mobile devices.

Mid-Mount Low Profile MM60 Series - MM60-52C2-R1 from JAE is the latest addition to the popular MM60 PCI Express Mini Card connector.

FI-JH Series Fine-Coax Wire Connector Horizontal Mating Type - a horizontal connector for fine-coax wire (applicable to AWG 42-46), which achieves a mating height of only 1mm.

MM80 Series DDR3 High Speed Connectors - a highly reliable connector with secure positioning and stable response through use of an incomplete-insertion prevention structure that blocks the latch from locking if the memory module is not fully inserted.

0.4mm Pitch Board-to-Board(FPC) AA07 Series Connector - Board-to-board(FPC) connector, with a low-profile and 0.4mm pitch that is ideal for high-density mounting in these applications.

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