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Omron Product News

At work for a better life, a better world for all. For almost 80 years, Omron Electronic Components, the Americas subsidiary of Omron Corp., has been a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced electronic components but is best known for relays in North America. Omron's broad product offering can be found in applications for the communications, transportation, medical, HVAC, appliance, industrial automation, consumer electronics, test and measurement, and gaming markets around the world.

Heilind Electronics is one of Omron’s largest distributors and maintains one of the broadest and deepest inventories of Omron product in North America. Click here to check our stock.


Recently Announced

OMRON G2RG-X DC Power Relay - OMRON is pleased to announce the release of the new G2RG-X DC Power Relay. This new DPST relay is an expansion of Omron's DC Power Relays, allowing downsizing within high voltage equipment.

OMRON 3D B5L Time of Flight Sensor - This sensor measures object shape, volume, and distance for factory automation and human detection applications.

Omron G3VM-QV S-VSON(L) MOS FET Relays - These MOS FET relays have a built-in current limiting resistor within the world’s smallest class package, S-VSON(L).

Omron USB Type-C Mounted Device Test Socket - The Omron XP2U USB Type-C Mounted Device Test Socket is used for testing electronic devices that have a USB Type-C I/O connector.

Omron High Power G9TA AC Latching Relays - The Omron G9TA AC Power Latching Relays are designed to provide high power switching, low contact resistance, and vibration resistance.

OMRON 23A PCB Power Relay - OMRON's G2RL-1A-E2-CV-HA 23A Relay is a great alternative for use in a multitude of applications that previously relied on the discontinued G8P Relays for operation.

Omron USB and PCB Type Environmental Sensors - Omron's 2JCIE environmental sensors are IoT sensors integrated with Bluetooth capable of tracking eight different environmental factors.

OMRON D6T Thermal IR Sensor - OMRON has released a new version of their D6T Thermal IR sensor that enables a more defined image of what's being detected thanks to its 32x32 pixel array.

OMRON W7ED Touch Sensor - The OMRON W7ED Touch Sensor is a capacitance-type touch sensor, suitable for embedding in equipment.

Omron Environmental Sensor - Omron's environmental sensor has 6 sensing capabilities depending on the mode it is functioning in. These sensors include: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure, Sound Intensity and UVI.

B5W Series Air Quality Sensors - Offering high sensitivity, greater air flow intake and smaller package size specially for smart home applications in air conditioners and air purifiers, the B5W series is a high precision air quality/dust sensor capable of detecting 0.5um particles.

Omron B3SE Tactile Switch - Omron's new low profile B3SE-1002P tact switch feature IP67 sealed structure, long life with 1M operations and an ultra-thin package only 2mm high, which contributes to thinner, smaller devices.

Z4D-C01 Micro Displacement Sensor - Omron Electronics Z4D-C01 Micro-Displacement Sensor provides displacement detection of ±10µm level. This Omron microphotonic device features non-contact sensing for high durability.

D6F-P Series - Omron's D6F-P Series is an Economical, Compact, Highly Reliable MEMS Mass Air Flow Sensor. By using the world's smallest class of MEMS flow sensor element, Omron has succeeded in reducing the new sensor's footprint by 50% compared with previous models, allowing it to be easily built into increasingly smaller products and measuring devices.

EE-SX1320/1321/1330/4320 Photomicrosensors - Omron's new EE-SX Photomicrosensors feature the addition of a 2-3 mm slot width surface mount photomicrosensor. The EE-SX models come with soldering joints on the component itself, which saves the customer's time and money during their assembly process.

EE-SX-11 Series - Omron's Photomicrosensor EE-SX Prewire Type is designed for high connection reliability and a reduction of total cost due to easy application and a variety of product lines to fit your needs.

G5V-1-T90 Relay - Omron's high temperature G5V-1-T90 Relay features ambient temperature of -40°C to +90°C. The relay was developed with higher ambient temperature ratings for usage in regions with hot climates. The G5V-1-T90 is rated for 20° more than its standard version.

G5Q-EL3 PCB Power Relay - Omron's G5Q-EL3 PCB Power Relay is capable of handling 30A inrush current and 300K operations. The G5Q-EL3 relay is compact in size, very versatile and can be used in many applications and industries including home appliance, power supplies, lighting controls and inverters.

EE-SX1088 Photomicrosensors (Transmissive with Slots) - One of the largest ranges of transmissive optical sensors available, encompassing SMD, through hole PCM, snap-in, solder tab and screw mounted solutions in various package sizes. These sensors are applicable in office automation, medical devices, building automation, amusement industry or vending machines.

EE-SX Photomicrosensors - Omron's EE-SX Photomicrosensors feature a 5mm slot width surface mount photomicrosensor and soldering joints on the component itself, which saves the customer time and money during the assembly process.

G3VM-31QR S-VSON MOSFET Relay - OMRON announces the release of the G3VM-31QR S-VSON MOSFET Relay, which is the new world's smallest class S-VSON MOSFET relay, featuring super small size, high current and low on-resistance.

G7L-X PCB Power Relay - Omron's G7L-X PCB Power Relays are capable of switching loads up to 1,000VDC. The G7L-X Power Relays comply with solar inverter safety standards and are designed for safety with 6.0-mm contact gap.

G5RL-TV8 Relays - The G5RL-TV8 Relays feature 1A contacts with 16A contact current rating and offer power consumption of approximately 400mW. The G5RL-TV8 relay has a temperature range of 40 to +85°C.

B5W-LA01 STD Light Convergent Reflective Sensor - Light convergent reflective sensor provides robust performance with little influence from sensing object color or material. This convergent-mode sensor uses a lens system to focus emitter and the receiver elements to an exact point in front of the sensor.

Tactile Switches - Tactile Switches, Single point of contact Domes and Dome Arrays provides crisp tactile feedback for panel, keypad and product input designs, when coupled with an appropriate actuator.

XF3Z 0.3mm Pitch Front-Lock FPC Connector - OMRON announces the release of its new XF3Z 0.3mm pitch front-lock FPC connector.

G6K-RF High Frequency Relay - OMRON announces the release of Through-Hole version of G6K-RF

Omron's New G6DN Power PCB Relay - The G6DN is a slim relay, ideal for applications such as PLC output, Temperature Controllers and Building Automation.

A leading provider of optical sensing technology - Omron Photomicrosensors detect the presence or absence of an object, along with the speed or direction of a rotating object. These sensors offer high frequency response, high reliability, long life, and are available in a wide variety of configurations.

G3VM Series MOSFET Relays - World's Smallest SSOP Package MOS FET Relay with Low Output Capacitance and ON Resistance (C×R = 5pF·O) in a 20-V Load Voltage Model.

Omron Electronics G6K-RF High Frequency Relays - compact High Frequency Relays with 2 Form C (DPDT) contacts. The series features coaxial construction, low coil power consumption of 100 mW, and ambient temperature range of -40° to 70°C

[.PDF] B3FS-4 series - Omron is now offering high-force and projected plunger options.

[.PDF] D2LS Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch - These ultra-subminiature basic switches are designed to be used in small-sized, high-end computer mice.

Omron Absolute Pressure Sensor 2SMPB - World-leading high accuracy and small size absolute pressure sensor with low current consumption. This absolute pressure sensor can detect atmospheric pressure.

Omron X3Pa Probe Pin - OMRON announces the development and release of the new XP3A Probe Pin, used for inspection of electronic components. The designers of the Probe Pin used their expertise in electroforming technology to create a product that exhibits superior characteristics, difficult to achieve with conventional cutting and stamping processes.

[.PDF] OMRON Panel Builder Guide.pdf

FPC Connectors - FPC Connectors with 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm pitch; low profile; front and rotary backlock mechanisms; upper, lower and double-sided contacts.

Omron D6F-PH Differential Pressure Sensor - Omron D6F-PH Series Differential Pressure Sensor is a new type of MEMS chip with I²C digital output. Using Omron proprietary MEMS mass flow technology, the sensor features a redesigned internal flow path that produces low flow, high velocity/high impedance for a differential pressure output.

Omron XF3M Rotary Backlock FPC/FFC Connector - Omron Electronics XF3M Series 0.5mm or 1.0mm Pitch FPC/FFC Connectors provide improved insertion of FPC/FFC cables and help confirm proper connection with a sure-lock feel. The XF3M series features a rotary back lock mechanism in which a rotary slider for securing the FPC/FFC cable is mounted independently from the FPC/FFC socket, resulting in improved cable connection efficiency and more reliable lock action.

Omron G9EN-1 DC Power Relays - Omron G9EN-1 DC Power Relays enable DC load interruption at high voltage and current

Omron 2SMPP MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensor - Omron 2SMPP MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensor is ultra miniature in size (6.1x4.7x8.2 mm) and offers low power consumption of 0.2 mW

12 x 12mm Tactile Switch - Omron has extended its portfolio of Tactile switches with a 12 x 12mm model that boasts a useful surface mount design.

D2QW Ultra Subminiature Sealed Switch - The D2QW ultra subminiature sealed long stroke sliding contact switch from Omron features reliable ON/OFF action in severe environmental conditions.

Knife-Edge High Pressure Mechanics for DIP Switches - Omron has extended its range of DIP switches with Knife-edge high pressure mechanics that ensures high reliability. The new A6SN/A6TN series DIP Switches are available in surface mount and through hole.

Components for the Energy Market - Omron provides a variety of advanced switching and sensing component solutions for the solar power industry, designing and manufacturing high quality, high performance products that utilize the latest technologies for the energy market

FPC Connector with Rotary Backlock and 0.25mm Pitch - XF3C series Low Profile FPC Connector Boasts a 0.25mm-Pitch offering Premium Space Savings

[.PDF] Air and Gas Flow Sensors - Omron has been a leading manufacturer of MEMS based components and modules for measurement and control applications since 1970 and has shipped more than 20 million products

B3W-9 Series Illuminated Tactile Switch - B3W-9 series of SPST-NO (momentary) configuration LED illuminated tactile switches. The switches are available in red, yellow, blue, green and bright green LED's.

XS5/XS6 Industrial Ethernet Connectors - OMRON announces the release of the XS5/XS6 Industrial Connector series to broaden the portfolio and provide a solution to the industrial open field network of Ethernet bases, such as Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT.

Omron's FFC/FPC Connectors - Secure Locking and Maximum Space Savings with Omron’s FFC/FPC Connectors.

Omron's New XF3E 0.3mm Pitch FPC Connector - The XF3E FPC connector manages to accommodate 90 pins despite its small size, with a pitch of 0.3 mm.

Omron Electronic now offers MKS-X Power Relays - Heilind Electronics partners with Omron to broaden its power relay offering by releasing new, high capacity MKS-X models to meet growing global needs.

Omron Expands XN2 Series - Omron Electronic Components has broadened its connector offering by releasing new XN2 models to meet growing global needs.

G3MB PCB Solid State Relays to be Discontinued in 2010 - Effective March 23, 2010, the G3MB series Solid State Relays will be discontinued. The recommended replacement for this SSR is the G3MC series.

Omron Introduces New Additions to the FPC Line-Up of Connectors - Omron introduces an expanded line-up of FPC connectors that offers customers the ability to downsize and decrease overall board and device space consumed by connectors.

Omron Announces New MK-S Relays, Now Available with Lockable Test Button - Omron announces newly released MK-S Relays with a wider operating temperature and models with lockable test buttons.

Omron Releases the New G6RL Low Profile, 12.3mm Relay with 220mW Nominal Power - Omron releases the new G6RL relay, applications include PLC's I/O ports, timers, lighting, and heating controls.

Omron Electronic Components Introduces B3SL Middle Stroke Tactile Switch - Omron Electronic Components is pleased to present a new Tactile Switch, B3SL Middle Stroke, to their line of products.

Omron Electronic Components Announces New Additions to the XS5 Line - Omron Electronic Components announces new additions to the XS5 line-up of industry standard M12 style water-proof industrial I/O sensor connectors.

[.PDF] Omron Announces Release of *New* B3W-9 Illuminated Tactile Switch - Omron Electronic Components LLC announces the availability of the new Illuminated Tactile Switch to further expand their switch product offering.

[.PDF] Omron will be discontinuing the G5LB relay series at the end of FY 2007 - Omron strongly recommends placing last time buy orders right away. Final orders will be accepted no later than February 28, 2008. The G5LA and G5LE relay families are recommended replacements for this series. Full details and comparisons are contained in the discontinuation announcement.

Omron Introduces the B5V - 24mm Combination Jog Switch - The new B5V-1422 disk jog switch gives users a single user interface with which to quickly and easily scroll through lists and make choices.

World's Smallest Tactile Switch now Available from Omron - Omron Electronic Components LLC announces the availability of the B3U series of ultra-small tactile SMD switches.

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connector

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