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Switchcraft® is a U.S. manufacturer and leading supplier of a broad line of components for the audio, video, telecommunication, computer, medical, military, appliance, transportation and instrumentation industries. With a basic line of more than 5,000 standard products and thousands of variations, Switchcraft markets products both domestically and internationally through a network of manufacturers' representatives and independent distributors.

As an interconnect specialist, Heilind Electronics maintains one of the broadest and deepest inventories of Switchcraft product in North America. Click here to check our stock.

Recently Announced

Switchcraft HDMI Type A Board Mount Receptacles - Switchcraft's HDMI connectors offer reliable quality in 4 versatile designs.

Switchcraft EH Series RJ45 Feedthru Diecast Rear-Mount Connectors - The Switchcraft EH Series is the preferred choice for custom rack panels and OEM equipment alike, and this new expansion adds a rugged, metal housing designed for easy rear mounting.

Switchcraft END Series Sealed RJ45 Connectors - The new END series from Switchcraft offers reliable, harsh environment performance in a smaller package. Incorporating an RJ45 connector into a sealed housing ensures the connectors are easy to terminate while still offering data performance up to CAT6.

Switchcraft Z Series DC Power Plugs - ailable in a variety of sizes and compatible with standNew Z series power plugs from Switchcraft are avard DC power jacks.

Switchcraft Sealed 3.5MM Plugs - Switchcraft plugs are now available in a waterproof, sealed version. The plug finger and cable clamp are the same as their industry-leading 35HD series, while the special overmolded handle protects from ingress of water and features a durable flex relief.

Switchcraft Sealed 1/4" Jacks and Plugs - Switchcraft jacks and plugs have been proven in some of the harshest environments possible. This new series takes durability even farther by adding a waterproof, IP66 seal when the jack and plug are mated.

Switchcraft EH Series Micro BNC Connectors - Switchcraft's EH Series modular panel mount connectors continue to be among their best-selling items for a wide variety of applications, and one of its strengths is the wide variety of connector options offered in the same form-factor.

Switchcraft EH Series USB Type C Panel Connectors - Switchcraft has added the USB Type C to their EH Series of panel mount connectors.

Switchcraft Twist-Lock BKZ Series DC Power Jacks and Plugs - The new BKZ series from Switchcraft features a locking mechanism that ensures the DC power jack cannot be disconnected without twisting to unlock.

Switchcraft Off-the-Shelf DC Power Plug Molded Cables - Switchcraft Off-the-Shelf (OTS) DC Power Jack Cables offer a 300V rating, a 20AWG wire, and UV- and water-resistant construction.

Switchcraft EH Series Mini-USB Feedthru - Swithcraft EH Series Mini-USB to Mini-USB feedthru in a standard panel size.

Switchcraft AAA Series Low-Profile XLR Connectors - Switchcraft quality XLRs with a space saving design. AAA Series XLRs from Switchcraft are known for their durability and ease of use.

Shielded DC Power Jacks - Switchcraft offers high quality DC power jacks and plugs with a huge range of options to fit any application. This new offering features a front-mount jack with a metal housing and a thru-hole PCB mount jack with a metal shield. Both are available with multiple center-pin sizes.

Switchcraft 1/4" XLR Combo Jack - These new jacks from Switchcraft combine two of the most common audio connectors into a standard "D size" package, making it an excellent space saving option for any compact electronic design. A variety of mounting options are available for maximum flexibility, including solder and PC contacts.

Switchcraft 2.1mm Center Pin DC Power Jacks - Switchcraft's DC Power Jacks are the most trusted brand because of their unbeatable Made-In-USA quality. For expanded compatibility, they are now available with a 2.1mm center pin: the ideal mate for 2.1mm-style DC power plugs!

Switchcraft Alternate Action Cord Switch - Switchcraft's Alternate Action Switch with LED features Push On, Push Off, with visual indicator. Instead of a traditional momentary switch, the E921KALN is alternate action, so 1 push closes the circuit and a second push opens it.

Cable Mount Harsh Environment DC Power Jacks - The most trusted jacks are now available in an in-line, cable end option. These jacks are designed for easy field installation and built to withstand challenging applications (not IP rated). Available in a variety of pin and bushing sizes, Switchcraft jacks are compatible with industry standard Switchcraft plugs.

280F Series - Switchcraft's newly redesigned 280F series takes the same great plug finger design and matches it with a sleek, redesigned handle and a true flex relief. The 280F series offers modern looks, improved performance, and an incredible value for critical applications from audio to electronics.

USB 3.0 Series Data-Con-X® Sealed Connectors - Switchcraft/Conxall's USB 3.0 Series Data-Con-X® Sealed Connectors offer up to 10x the speed of USB 2.0 and are designed for easy installation in the field.

High Temperature DC Power Jacks & Plugs - Switchcraft's new high temperature jacks and plugs utilize a specially engineered, high RTI thermoplastic capable of withstanding higher temperatures and current than our standard power jacks.

Mini-Con-X® and EN2® Off-the-Shelf Cables - Switchcraft's Micro-Con-X and EN2 cable assemblies are high quality, 2-meter molded cables that are available as a standard, off-the-shelf item with a single ended cable with a blunt cut.

TS Series Dura-Twist™ Threaded Locking Connectors - Switchcraft's TS Series Dura-Twist™ Threaded Locking Connectors offer a durable nickel plated brass housing sealed to IP68 and a threaded locking mechanism for a secure and easy connection.

3.5mm Panel Mount Stereo Jacks - Switchcraft's 3.5mm Panel Mount Stereo Jacks mate with any standard 3.5mm plug and are available in Locking, Flush Mount or Compact Rear Mount models.

Right Angle Tini-QG® Mini XLR Connectors - Switchcraft's Right Angle Tini-QG Mini XLR Connectors are easy to assemble with a chuck-style strain relief, made from high quality thermoplastic and nickel plated brass and enables flex relief for maximum durability.

EH Series of Modular Panel Connectors - Switchcraft/Conxall introduces new connectors to their EH Series of Modular Panel Connector including the USB 3.0 to Micro USB 3.0, Micro USB 3.0 to USB 3.0, Mini Displayport Feedthru, Cat 6A RJ45 Feedthru and USB A to A Feedthru (2.0).

PC Tail Nano-Mizer® M8 Connector - The PC Tail Nano-Mizer® M8 Connectors are compatible with Nano-Mizer M8 cables and are compliant with IEC 61076-2-104 for circular connectors with M8 screw-locking and snap-locking.

2-Meter Off-the-Shelf DC Power Cables - Switchcraft's 2-Meter Off-the-Shelf DC Power Cables feature Switchcraft's IP68 sealed and 11-Amp power plugs with strip and tin on the opposite end for maximum flexibility.

Mini-Con-X® Mixed Signal/Power Connectors - By offering 2 different contact gauges in the same connector, the Mini-Con-X Mixed Signal/Power Connectors offer the flexibility of signal and power connections in the same compact circular connector.

Mini-Con-X® and EN3® Standard Cable Assemblies - The 2-Meter Mini-Con-X® and EN3® Standard Cable Assemblies are made with a factory overmolded connector on one side and a blunt cut on the opposite end for maximum flexibility.

Switchcraft HPC Series Speakon® Style Connectors - Switchcraft's new 4 pole speaker and power connector builds on the existing HPC series and adds a new twist-latch option.

Dura-Pull Connectors - Switchcraft/Conxall's Dura-Pull™ connectors offer blind mating, a specialized latch that locks automatically and prevents accidental disconnect yet can be easily released by simply pulling on the locking collar.

Switchcraft Sealed Cord Switches - Switchcraft introduces two new cable switches, which are designed for outdoor and medical applications.

[.PDF] A Switchcraft & Conxall White Paper - 5 key factors to consider when specifying a sealed connector.

EN2™ Sealed Connectors - EN2™ connectors are available for up to 2-3 for #20 pins/sockets, 4 for #22 pins/sockets and 5-7 for #26 pins/sockets in the same housing size, bayonet locking, cable end and panel mount. Meets enclosure rating IP68 and NEMA 250.

Sealed Power Plugs and Jacks - Sealed power plugs and jacks provide a great waterproof alternative to the standard power plug and jack. With an IP 68/ NEMA 250 (6P) rating this series of product is perfect for any type of environment.

High Amperage Power Jacks & Plugs - High Amperage Non-Sealed Power Jacks & Plugs are available in locking or non-locking versions. High Amperage Sealed Jacks & Plugs are sealed to IP68, NEMA 250 (6P) when mated. Automatic switch over from AC to DC permitted by sleeve shunt spring. Up to 11A current rating (carry).

Data-Con-X™ Sealed Data Connectors - Data-Con-X™ Sealed Data Connectors to meet your harsh environment needs including RJ45, USB, mini-USB and D-Sub

Sealed D-Sub - Switchcraft waterproof D-Sub panel connectors and backshell kits meet IP67 rating.

[.PDF] Power Mini-Mizer® Cable Assembly - Rugged construction makes this cable assembly perfect for harsh environments. With an IP68 rating, even outdoor equipment can be fully protected when using this cable assembly. Great for high power applications.

[.PDF] Shielded Mini-Con-X® Connector - Harsh Environment IP66/IP68 Shielded Mini-Con-X.

[.PDF] EN3® Series Weathertight Connectors - The EN3 mini weathertight connectors are a great all-purpose connector. View features and benefits.

[.PDF] EN3® Mini Harsh Environment Overmolds - The three new EN3® options have a rugged construction making these overmolded connectors perfect for harsh environments. View features and benefits.

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