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Product News

TE Connectivity Ltd. is a $14 billion global technology and manufacturing leader creating a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future. For more than 75 years, TE's connectivity and sensor solutions, proven in the harshest environments, have enabled advancements in transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communications and the home. With 80,000 employees, including more than 8,000 engineers working alongside customers in approximately 140 countries, TE ensures that EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS. Learn more at www.te.com and on LinkedIn, Facebook, WeChat and Twitter. TE Connectivity, TE, TE connectivity (logo), FASTON and EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS are trademarks of the TE Connectivity Ltd. family of companies.

TE helps customers meet the need for greater energy-efficiency, ever-increasing productivity and faster, more reliable data and is setting the pace for the future of connectivity.

With Heilind's extensive TE Connectivity inventory, you are sure to find connectors, relays, switches, circuit breakers or any other item you are likely to need for your applications. Click here to check our stock.

TE Connectivity, TE Connectivity (logo), and TE are trademarks owned or licensed by the TE Connectivity Ltd. family of companies.

Recently Announced

TE Connectivity Hand Tool Loaner Program - Looking for a hand tool for your next design/prototype or assembly? Borrow our hand tool for 30 days to make sure it meets your needs.

Industrial and Commercial Transportation Heat Shrink Tubing - Designed right to keep it tight, our heat shrink tubing enables reliability and protects critical ICT components. The comprehensive portfolio of heat shrink tubing products offers functionalities needed to ensure protection against the harshest environments including chemicals, moisture, water, abrasion, high temperatures and fungus.

White Paper - Heat Shrink Tubing: An Underlying Solution To Complex Design Requirements: Learn how TE Connectivity's heat shrink tubing solutions are designed to help ICT manufacturers meet a wide range of needs and condition in this informative white paper.

WHITE PAPER: Sensification of Personal Healthcare Requires Specific Components - A Holistic Approach - When developing sensification systems for personal healthcare, monitoring, and diagnoses, designers need to consider many factors that contribute to the integrity of a sensed signal and to the ability of a system to operate reliably, regardless of the environment.

MTA 100 & MTA 156 Connectors - TE Connectivity's MTA connector system is a wire-to-board and wire-to-wire system based on insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology. The design features wire feed-thru capability for daisy-chain applications. Insulation displacement contacts (IDC) are used to terminate a wide range of conductor sizes.

WHITE PAPER: Know Your Options When Selecting a Ruggedized Connector - Harsh environment connectors feature several design elements to help protect connections as they deliver power or data reliably. These features include durable contacts, IP rating for dust and water, rugged metal or thermoplastic shells, watertight seals, and a firm, secure locking mechanism. Know your options when selecting ruggedized connectors for your application so they can withstand conditions that they will face in the field and at the worksite.

White Paper - How Unique Cable and Connector Solutions are Taking 3D Printing to New Levels - Experience our whitepaper on 3D printer design, featuring discrete wire, FPC/FFC connection and ribbon cables and learn how these products and more can take your 3D print design to new levels.

TE Connectivity Solar Solutions - Our high-quality products for the solar industry include a wide selection of standard and semi-custom solutions, including connectors, sensors, relays, switches & filters, wire & cable, identification tooling, grounding products, junction boxes and more.

TE M3200 Compact Industrial Pressure Transducer - The M3200 pressure transducer from the Microfused line of TE Connectivity (TE) is suitable for measurement of liquid or gas pressure, even for difficult media such as contaminated water, steam, and mildly corrosive fluids.

TE 820M1 Condition Monitoring Accelerometer - The TE Connectivity (TE) Piezoelectric +/-1.25V accelerometer is a low cost, board mountable accelerometer designed for embedded condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.

TE Sensor Solutions Air Bubble Detector AD-101 - Using ultrasonic technology, the AD-101 sensor is capable of positively identifying the presence of a break in flow of any type of liquid.

TE Dynamic D8000 Series Connectors - The Dynamic D8000 series is a new high-current series of pluggable connectors in TE’s Dynamic Series.

TE Potter & Brumfield Power Relay T92 50A - TE Connectivity (TE)'s Potter & Brumfield T92 Series two-pole 50A relay is primarily designed for HVAC, industrial controls, power supply, charging, lighting and inverter applications.

TE AMPMODU 2mm Breakaway, Receptacles and Shrouded Headers - TE Connectivity (TE) expands its range of AMPMODU interconnection solutions with the introduction of 2mm centerline board connectors.

TE Universal MATE-N-LOK Connectors - The TE Connectivity (TE) Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors utilize a combination of pins and sockets intermixed in the plug and cap housings to achieve excellent electrical performance in a 6.35mm [.25 in] pitch design.

TE KILOVAC K250 High Power DC Contactor - TE Connectivity's (TE) K250 high voltage DC contactor is hermetically sealed and designed for harsh environments.

TE QSFP 25G Cable Assemblies and Connectors - TE Connectivity's (TE) QSFP-DD (quad small form-factor pluggable double density) doubles the density of QSFP interconnects with an eight-lane electrical interface capable of 28 Gbps NRZ or 56 Gbps PAM-4 to achieve 200 or 400 Gbps aggregate per port.

TE Power Versa-Lock Connector System - The TE Power Versa-Lock Connector System is designed with a connector mounting clip on the cap housings to help reduce connector movement for high vibration applications like washing machines.

TE Wi-Fi 6/6E Triple Band Antennas - TE Connectivity's (TE) new Wi-Fi 6E antenna product portfolio can support triple bands, including the new 6 GHz band.

TE D-2970 DYNAMIC SERIES PCB Connector - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the new D-2970 Dynamic Series, a compact 5mm pitch wire-to-board PCB connector with field-installable, time-saving push-in clamp termination.

TE 2.5MM Sealed Signal Double Lock Connectors - TE Connectivity's (TE) new 2.5mm Sealed Signal Double Lock connectors offers secondary locking safety combined with first in class IP67 rated sealing protection.

TE T2212 Thermal Transfer Printer - The T2212 is a robust entry level industrial computer-driven 300dpi thermal transfer printer. Specially designed to print on a wide range of TE Connectivity (TE) labels, cable markers and identification heat shrink sleeves.

TE TV-8 Rated OJT 10A Series Power Relays - TE Connectivity (TE) announces new TV-8 rated 10A OJT relays. This compact relay offers a high 117A inrush capability and is UL TV-8 rated, making them ideal for use in applications that require high inrush resistance on loads which inrush current occurs.

TE LUMAWISE Endurance S Connector System - TE Connectivity (TE) LUMAWISE Endurance S Connector System is an ecosystem of products designed for sensor and other control system applications.

TE WINTOTAL Software Version 7 - TE Connectivity (TE) has launched a new version of its WINTOTAL software - version 7.

TE Micro-Coaxial Receptacle - TE Connectivity (TE) micro-coaxial receptacles offer excellent electrical performance to connect an RF cable assembly or antenna to a main printed circuit board in a broad range of applications.

TE 0.5mm Locking FPC Connectors - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces a new 0.5mm locking FPC connectors secure the FPC cable into the connector, preventing accidental de-mating in rugged environments.

TE KILOVAC EV600 High Voltage Contactor - TE Connectivity's (TE) KILOVAC EV600 high voltage contactor is designed for harsh environments offering higher continuous current carrying rating, and improved current interrupting capability over their existing EV200 contactor.

TE Connectivity SOLARLOK 2.0 Inline Splice - TE Connectivity's (TE) SOLARLOK 2.0 Splice is a tool-less field installable product using Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) technology.

TE High Current VAL-U-LOK Connectors - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces an extension of the VAL-U-LOK connector product line to provide a higher 13 amp maximum current capability on a 4.2 mm centerline spacing.

TE 8P and 14P AMPSEAL Backshells - The new 8P and 14P backshells feature a hermaphroditic design for quick, tool less assembly, offer a high level of protection & help reduce wire strain.

TE HARTMAN Smart Current Sensor - The HARTMAN smart current sensor allows the user to maintain its trip curve throughout the temperature range while giving both current status and trip status of the system.

TE Receptacle Housing for K-Style Infinite Switches - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces two and three position housings for use with K-style infinite switches. Infinite switches are rotary switches commonly used to control resistive heating elements.

TE LUMAWISE LED Holder for Bridgelux Vesta Series - LUMAWISE LED holders are market proven providing a reliable electrical and mechanical connection for a light fixture’s power source, heat sink and reflector.

TE SOLARLOK 2.0 Connector - TE Connectivity’s (TE) SOLARLOK 2.0 connector is a tool-less field installable product using Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) technology.

TE Terminal Cutter Hand Tool - The TE Connectivity (TE) Terminal Cutter tool enables operators to easily cut side-feed, front-carrier terminal strips and reels.

TE LUMAWISE Drive LED Holder Type Z50 DALI Version - TE Connectivity’s (TE) LUMAWISE drive LED holder type Z50 DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) allows luminaire designers to remove driver boxes from spot and track lighting, creating a more aesthetically pleasing lighting solution.

TE Connectivity BUCHANAN WireMate ITB Releasable Poke-in Connectors - Inverted Thru-Board (ITB) connectors join the BUCHANAN WireMate family from TE Connectivity (TE), specially designed for use in linear and circular LED modules found in all sorts of commercial and industrial lighting systems.

TE KMXP Series AMR Linear Position Sensors - The TE KMXP sensor provides greater precision than commonly used Hall sensors and is designed to provide reliable and accurate measurements in harsh environments including high temperatures.

TE AMPLIMITE Stainless Steel D-Subminiature Connectors - TE's D-Subminiature connectors are available with either 20 or 22 AWG crimp contacts, and are designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL-DTL-24308.

TE LUMAWISE Endurance N Shorting Caps - TE Connectivity’s (TE) LUMAWISE Endurance N Shorting Caps provide a safe, convenient and economical method to close or open the primary circuit path across a NEMA compliant receptacle on an outdoor light.

TE T3212 and T3224 Thermal Transfer Printers - Specially designed to print on a wide range of TE Connectivity (TE) labels, cable markers, and identification marker sleeves.

TE New SMT Optical Sensor Components - TE Connectivity’s (TE) Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) optical components provide leading accuracy in oxygen level detection.

TE Ultra Small Contact Spring Fingers - The new ultra small spring fingers have one of the smallest footprints in the market to save valuable PCB space, allowing for use in a broad range of applications with space constraints across various industries.

TE SOLARLOK PV Edge Decentralized Junction Box - The SOLARLOK PV Edge decentralized junction box is the first clamping and non-potting junction box in the market using the edge as a relevant position for the mounting without hole drilling.

TE SlimSeal Waterproof Miniature Connector Series - TE Connectivity's (TE) SlimSeal miniature connector series is a dust and waterproof, IP67-rated connector system suitable for harsh environment applications such as outdoor lighting and other high humidity applications.

TE MAG-MATE Terminals - MAG-MATE terminals from TE Connectivity (TE) are insulation displacement connection (IDC) terminals for copper and aluminum magnet wire terminations.

TE Panel Labels - TE Connectivity's (TE) high performance, thermal transfer printable, foam backed replacement for engraved metal or plastic plate labels that reduces the amount of time and costs required to create and install these labels.

TE High Density+ Card Edge Power Connector - TE Connectivity's High Density+ Card Edge Connector delivers the highest current density in the market at 15A/2.54mm and supports 2000-3000W power supplies for data center equipment.

TE Compact Push Grip Wire Connectors - These poke-in wire splice connectors provide visual termination of 22-14 AWG solid and stranded wires. The splice is color-coded for easy identification and the compact size is designed to be used in tight spaces.

TE Positive Lock Mark II Receptacles and Housings - TE Connectivity�s (TE) Positive Lock Mark II receptacles and housings are specifically designed to provide ease of assembly and secure retention to mating tabs.

TE Connectivity Corcom FB Series - TE adds more range to the FB series product line with new part numbers designated with FBL. FBL is part of the FB series and is targeted toward applications that need standard EMI performance levels.

TE Connectivity Standard FASTON Terminal Line - The TE new line of Standard FASTON receptacle terminals join existing high temperature nickel plated steel receptacles.

TE Connectivity RZF Series Power Relay - TE Connectivity's space-saving RZF relays are printed circuit board relays with top mounted quick connect tabs for load connections. This permits the load current to be kept off the board.

CPC Connectors Overview - Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC) offer a rugged, reliable connector system suitable for a wide range of applications.

Low Profile Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connectors - TE Connectivity's (TE) new 1mm high flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectors save valuable space with one of the lowest profiles in the market.

Pre-Insulated POD-LOK Receptacle Terminals - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces pre-insulated POD-LOK receptacle terminals. They combine positive lock receptacles with Glow Wire Test (GWT), UL 94 V-0 rated housings.

Side Exit CROWN CLIP Junior Cable Assemblies - TE's new side exit CROWN CLIP Junior cable assemblies enable up to 50% space savings over traditional bus bar cable assemblies.

Next-Gen .8mm Free Height Connectors - Achieve 32 Gbps+ speeds at a very competitive price point to enable main stream adoption in high speed data communication applications.

AmbiMate Sensor Module Development Kits MS4 Series - TE Connectivity's (TE) AmbiMate Sensor Module MS4 Development Kits allow a developer, with use of some downloadable code, to connect to either a Raspberry Pi or Arduino and start collecting data within 30 minutes.

Heavy Duty Connector (HDC) HCM 250 & 350 - Heavy Duty Connectors (HDC) from TE Connectivity (TE) offer reliable performance in harsh environments.

ELCON Micro Power Connectors - TE Connectivity's (TE) ELCON Micro wire-to-board power connectors provide a high current at 12.5A per pin in the common industry footprint of 3.0mm. This high current density in a compact design is useful for servers, switches, storage devices and testing machines.

EN45545 Compliant HDC Inserts - TE Connectivity's (TE) new range of inserts for heavy duty connectors comply with the EN45545 European standard on flame retardancy for materials and products in railway rolling stock.

Multiple Unit (MU) Connectors - TE Connectivity's (TE) Multiple Unit (MU) connectors include a 27 pin receptacle, plug and 'dummy' receptacle that are used to convey the locomotive functions between units.

LUMAWISE Z45 LED Holder - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the new LUMAWISE Z45 LED Holder to their broad offering of LED holders for chip-on-board (COB) LEDs.

CoolSplice Large Wire Connector - TE Connectivity's (TE) CoolSplice Connector portfolio has been expanded to include connectors suitable for larger wire sizes (12 AWG to 18 AWG/ 4mm2 to 2.5mm2). All CoolSplice connectors allow for push button termination using a common pair of pliers.

TE Connectivity zQSFP+ 1x4 Cages with 8 Lightpipes per Port - TE's zQSFP+ interconnects offer an increased data rate of 28 Gbps NRZ and 56 Gbps PAM-4 in an industry standard, scalable design that allows for backwards compatibility with QSFP+ cables and transceivers, providing a simple upgrade path from 10 Gbps to 28 Gbps and 56 Gbps. The complete portfolio of interconnects deliver a large range of simple and customizable design options to meet most customer requirements.

TE Waterproof (IPX8) USB Type-C - TE Connectivity introduces a waterproof USB Type-C connector. Their connectors have industry leading IPX8 water ingression performance per IEC 60529. These connectors are designed for use in harsh environment applications where moisture is present.

TE P&B Solid State Relays SSRDC Series - TE's Potter & Brumfield Solid State Relays SSRDC Series utilizes DC switching technology with low power dissipation FETs which includes optical coupling.

Lumawise Drive LED Holder Type Z50 - These development kits contain a Drive LED holder, cable assembly and a thermal interface material and allow designers to purchase a single unit to do desktop testing, product evaluation and luminaire prototyping.

TE Connectivity zQSFP+ Stacked Belly to Belly Cages - Address the requirements for higher density switch and NIC designs using next-generation 48 and 64 silicon ports, including Open Compute Project (OCP) reference designs. These stacked cages support a single PCB architecture saving the customer significant costs

TE Potter & Brumfield Solid State Relays - Featured in Industrial applications, where silent, fast and long electrical life in switching is required. They are used in heating, power, lighting and motion applications.

TE FLEX GRIP WIRE CONNECTORS - These push-in connectors have operating levers for fast, easy and releasable wire termination and accommodate for a combination of 24–14 AWG (0.2–4.0 mm2) solid and stranded wires. The transparent body allows users to visually confirm the proper wire strip length and insertion for good electrical installation.

TE HIGH DENSITY CARD EDGE CONNECTOR - One of the highest current density power connectors in the market to support high power supply applications at 25A/contact with low resistance and supports 1500-2000W power supply for your data center equipment.

TE M12 RAIL X-CODE CONNECTORS - Characterized by reliable 360 degree shielded solutions, crimp fland and compact outer dimensions, our M12 Rail series is combined of various different ranges to meet all of your solutions. Even in extremely rough industrial environments these quality products ensure a safe signal transfer.

Power Double Lock Connectors - TE Connectivity's Power double lock connectors are available in wire-to-wire (WTW), free-hanging, panel mount, and wire-to-board (WTB) configurations.

AMPOWER Terminals and Splices - TE Connectivity's AMPOWER terminals and splices provide a high quality solution that is designed specifically for large cables and leads to deliver maximum conductivity, excellent mechanical strength and electrical performance.

Potter & Brumfield 30A PCB Relay T9G Series - TE's Potter & Brumfield T9G relay series is a 30A Power PCB relay for HVAC, appliance and industrial control applications. The T9G relay is the smallest relay in its class with a 30% smaller package size and 13% less PCB floor space all while keeping the standard footprint, allowing manufacturers to add more components on PCBs without having to compromise on relay performance.

CDFP Connector Solutions - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces CDFP Connectors, Cages, & Cable Assemblies. With 16 channels of up to 28 Gbps data rates for 400 Gbps total bandwidth, our CDFP connector and cage assembly can easily handle the market's increasing data usage. This simple one-piece, press-fit pluggable I/O assembly provides the flexibility and standardization to address your design needs and is attractive for high speed networking applications.

SpO2 Optical Sensors - TE Connectivity's (TE) SpO2 optical components provide leading accuracy in oxygen level detection. With more than 27 years of proven reliability and expertise, TE has designed SpO2 sensors with best in-class flexibility to accommodate multiple wavelength options.

AmbiMate Sensor Module - TE Connectivity (TE)'s AmbiMate sensor module MS4 series provides an application specific set of sensors on a ready to attach PCB assembly for easy integration into a host product. Design resources are freed and time to market accelerated by integrating the MS4 series pre-engineered, four core sensor solution for Motion / Light / Temperature / Humidity into your next product.

Buchanan Wiremate Connector - TE Connectivity's BUCHANAN WireMate connector surface mount TB series allow for faster PCB assembly, and optional SMT retention features help ensure secure PCB mounting. The connectors have tin-plated copper alloy contacts, and the housing material has a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating.

PC Board Headers for POWER TRIPLE LOCK Connector System - TE Connectivity's expanded line of PC board headers for its POWER TRIPLE LOCK connector system are single row right-angle and vertical headers that expand wire-to-board application options for this robust connector system with its three-in-one locking features for enhanced connection reliability.

Reflow Capable Universal MATE-N-LOK - Reflow Capable Universal MATE-N-LOK Connectors are designed to streamline manufacturing processes with simple reflow soldering of PCB assemblies. The reflow capable universal MATE-N-LOK product line builds on a tested solution for wire-to-board applications.

Potter & Brumfield Power PCB T9V Relay - TE Connectivity (TE)'s Potter & Brumfield Power PCB relay T9V series is primarily designed for electrical vehicle charging stations, charging cables and for photovoltaic inverter applications. The extended contact gap (> 1.8 mm) of this relay provides improved isolation and allows usage in higher elevation environments.

M5800 Digital Display Transducer - TE's M5800 digital display transducer offers visualized pressure value readings for demanding, harsh applications. The 310° rotatable display enables easy viewing and on-demand adjustment.

Bus Bar Power Connector - TE Connectivity introduces new bus bar power connectors and cable assemblies providing lower power consumption in power distribution applications as either a power supply or battery backup connection.

250 Series Positive Lock Mark II - TE Connectivity's 250 Series Positive Lock Mark II receptacles for high temperature applications are intended for applications where there is not enough space for a straight receptacle and where operating temperatures exceed the 105-110°C rating.

DIBO+ EV Charger Type Cable Assembly - TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has introduced the next generation of DiBO type 1 electric vehicle (EV) charging cable assemblies. The new, enhanced design, called DiBO+, retains the same ergonomic, sleek, low-profile design features of the previous model, but now incorporates a high flex cable approved for UL62 requirements.

Cable and Wiring Identification - TE Connectivity offers complete cable and wiring identification and labeling solutions across industries and applications. Designed for the most rigorous indoor or outdoor use, you can choose from an array of flexible options including adhesive-backed labels, heat-shrinkable sleeves, cable markers and hardware/software systems for onsite customization.

TE Connectivity Introduces the Heavy Duty Connector IP68 Anti-Corrosion Hoods and Housings - Made of die casted aluminum alloy, TE's hoods and housings have been confirmed to be anti-corrosion up to 500 hours of salt spray exposure, making them an excellent choice for your industrial applications.

LUMAWISE Photo Control Base, Sleeve, & Cover - TE Connectivity's LUMAWISE Photo Control Base Assembly, Sleeve, & Covers together integrate power and signal interface to the dimming receptacle to ensure long-term reliability. This interface can be used in applications such as LED outdoor roadway, street and area lighting fixtures.

M12 Rail PG Clamp Connector Series - TE Connectivity's comprehensive ranges of M12 rail connectors for field assembly have fully shielded housings and are pre-assembled for ease of use. TE's M12 rail PG clamp series consists of both male and female connectors with D4, A5 and A8.

Standard Board Level Shielding (BLS) Portfolio - TE Connectivity's new Standard Board Level Shielding (BLS) portfolio provides customers with shorter time to market, weight savings, and improved thermal conductivity. TE's BLS products are ideal for 2-in-1 notebooks, game consoles, routers, point of sale (POS) equipment, wireless meters, wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, servers and other applications where weight, thermal performance and electronic magnetic shielding are crucial.

Micro Motor Connector - TE Connectivity's Micro Motor Connector is for applications in harsh industrial environments and is especially targeted to the industrial servo motor market. The micro motor connection solution includes a 9-position encoder connector and a 4+2 power and brake connector.

Emergency Service MiMo Antenna - TE Connectivity introduces a one size fits all, shark fin style Emergency Service antenna for MiMo Wi-Fi and GPS applications requiring VHF or UHF capability. The antenna has a compact OEM style shark fin housing that contains 2x2 MiMo antennas function for 4G/3G/2G.

MULTI-BEAM Card Edge Connectors - TE Connectivity's MULTI-BEAM card edge connectors deliver the highest signal density in the market with better connectivity tolerance and better performance in a unique, modular design. The new MULTI-BEAM card edge connectors deliver up to 30% power density improvement and up to 60% signal density improvement over current products.

Corcom IEC Inlet RFI Filter IH Series - TE Connectivity's Corcom IEC inlet RFI filter IH series suppresses electromagnetic interference (EMI) conducted in equipment used in medical environments requiring C18 ungrounded inlets. These RFI filters are also suitable for use in laboratory, test and measurement equipment.

LUMAWISE Endurance Module S - TE Connectivity introduces the LUMAWISE Endurance S module, designed specifically for LED light sources and drivers in outdoor luminaires. TE's LUMAWISE Endurance S module consists of a standardized interface between the receptacle and module base or sealing cap

CFP2 and CFP4 Pluggable I/O Connectors - TE Connectivity's CFP2 and CFP4 Pluggable I/O Connectors are designed for high speed communications and transfer up to 28 Gbps per lane in a smaller space - 2.8 times faster than current CFP products.

SMT Poke-In Slim Wire Connectors - TE Connectivity's SMT Poke-In Slim Wire Connectors are designed for quick and easy wire-to-board and board-to-board connectivity in a low, slim form factor. The releasable poke-in contact function and versatile design that accommodates various wire sizes allows for fast installation and rework with no special tools.

microQSFP Pluggable I/O Connectors - TE Connectivity's new microQSFP pluggable I/O single high cages and surface mount connectors provide a higher density solution for next generation pluggable connectivity. These connectors help solve key challenges relating to bandwidth, thermal performance, and energy costs in data storage centers.

M2M MiMo LTE Antennas - TE Connectivity's M2M MiMo LTE antenna range has been designed to provide MiMo Cellular / LTE antenna function for IOT and M2M applications. The compact, robust, low-profile housing of the antenna is weatherproof and contains two antenna elements with effective isolation and correlation covering all current global cellular and LTE bands in freq. range 698-960/1710-3800MHz.

Low Insertion Force (LIF) 250 FASTON Receptacle with 2D Crimp - TE Connectivity's LIF 250 FASTON receptacle terminal with 2D crimp technology is designed for a range of quick disconnect applications using 1 applicator for 22-12 AWG.

K-type Thermocouple Connector - TE Connectivity's new K-type thermocouple connector ensures an easy connection with a K-type thermocouple wire. The unique spring terminal concept helps ensure connectivity compared to the traditional screw type termination.

Motorman Shroud - TE Connectivity's Motorman shroud is a connector that integrates communication, signal and power transmission for motors within a compact regular connector that solves the issue of the dual cabling required for signal and power.

Industrial IP20 RJ45 Cat. 6A Plug - TE Connectivity's Industrial IP20 RJ45 Cat. 6A plug is based on "common core" technology, a platform technology used in the entire industrial RJ45 product family. TE's RJ45 Cat. 6A plug is extending the family of Field Installable Cat5e common core designs with a connector that can be terminated tool-less with Cat. 6A cables in the field.

HTU21D Digital Humidity Sensor - These low power sensors are designed for high volume and cost sensitive applications with tight space constraints.

250 Series Miniature FASTON Receptacles - TE Connectivity's 250 series straight, miniature FASTON receptacle is a miniature, tin plated brass receptacle that mates with a standard .250 x. 032 tab and supports a continuous current rating up to 7A, and an intermittent current rating up to 14A.

Single Wall Flame Retardant Tubing - TE Connectivity's Single Wall Flame Retardant (SWFR) heat shrink tubing is a halogen-free, UL VW-1 rated single wall heat shrink tubing that is a cost effective solution for electrical insulation and mechanical protection from abrasion.

Miniature IP67 Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connectors - TE Connectivity's Miniature IP67 Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connector is an IP67 rated connector that can withstand the harshest of environments making it suitable for outdoor lighting and other high humidity applications.

Positive Lock Housings for RF Relays - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces two-position housings for Positive Lock Mark I receptacle terminals that provide insulation, allow the user to make two connections to the relay in one easy step, improve ergonomics, and can accommodate low insertion force, high retention for Positive Lock receptacles.

Push Grip Wire Connectors - TE Connectivity's Push Grip Wire Connectors are insulated splice connectors for electrical installations. These tool-less, poke-in wire splice connectors provide visual termination of 22-12 AWG solid and stranded wires through clear polycarbonate housings.

CoolSplice Connectors - TE Connectivity's CoolSplice connectors combine reliability with ease of termination and are suitable for splicing 22 AWG to 18 AWG (0.34 mm2 – 0.75 mm2) solid, fused and stranded wire.

D-SCE Fluid Resistant Identification - The D-SCE Fluid Resistant Identification Sleeves are used to identify wires and cables where exposure to organic fluids, especially oils, is required. TE's D-SCE sleeves are designed to operate in elevated temperatures for extended periods of time, making them ideal in aerospace, rail and marine industries.

STRADA Whisper Vertical Receptacle - TE Connectivity's new STRADA Whisper vertical receptacle features a robust mechanical design that connects to TE's existing STRADA Whisper vertical Pair in Row (PIR) header to enable mezzanine and cable connected configuration.

3 Position Latched Wire-to-Wire Connector - This connector utilizes poke-in termination which supports easy field installation as no tools are required. The compact design makes this connector ideal for applications where space is limited. Suitable for indoor lighting applications, this connector comes in four colors, enabling ease of identification and assembly.

Coolsplice Large Wire Connectors - TE Connectivity's (TE) CoolSplice connector portfolio has been expanded to include connectors suitable for larger wire sizes. All CoolSplice connectors allow for push button termination using a common pair of pliers. Both wires are terminated independently for ease of use. This feature allows for factory pre-termination of one wire and field termination of the second during installation.

Light Transit Low-Profile MiMo Antenna Range - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the light transit, low-profile MiMo antenna range, designed to support the new generation of vehicular LTE routers. The antenna enclosure contains three isolated high performance antenna elements: two ultra-wideband elements covering 698-2700MHz supporting MiMo/diversity at cellular/LTE frequencies and a high performance GPS antenna with an integrated 26dB gain Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with a high quality filter to combat noise.

FullAXS Mini Connector Sealing and Cable Assembly System - TE Connectivity's (TE) new FullAXS Mini product line is one of the easiest connector sealing systems to install in rugged outdoor environments. The FullAXS Mini connector sealing and cable assembly system is one of the only products available that enables one-handed, blind installs from almost any angle.

Kilovac CAP120 High Voltage Contactors - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the KILOVAC CAP120 contactor, a single pole, hermetically sealed 150 amp DC contactor designed for reliability in harsh environments for long-lasting systems. Energy storage and power distribution systems require reduced-sized contactors able to withstand high currents in a range of applications. A reduced-size version of the MAP and CAP series contactors, the CAP120 contactor's small size and light weight opens up new application possibilities for a 150A/600 Vdc device.

HT-SCE Wire Markers - TE Connectivity's (TE) HT-SCE wire markers are designed for use in high temperature applications or where extreme resistance to fuels, lubricants and cleaning solvents is required such as aerospace, military, and rail applications. These wire markers are ideal for applications where low vacuum out-gassing is of high importance. HT-SCE wire markers are made of highly flame retardant, heat-shrinkable fluoropolymer tubing.

2-Position Latched Wire-to-Wire Ballast Disconnect Connector - This connector utilizes poke-in termination which supports easy field installation with no tools required. The compact design makes this connector ideal for applications with space constraints. Suitable for indoor lighting applications, this connector comes in four different colors enabling ease of identification and assembly.

Multi-Beam High Density (HD) Connectors - TE Connectivity's MULTI-BEAM High Density (HD) connectors offer higher current in less PCB space with up to 135A per power contact, featuring high density power and signal which saves space and reduces overall power consumption. The scalable and modular design also supports greater flexibility in configuration and PCB design.

LUMAWISE LED holder type Z35 - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the LUMAWISE LED holder type Z35 suitable for LED boards from multiple LED manufacturers in sizes 13.5*13.5mm and 12*15mm

Matched Impedance Splices for Harsh Environments - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the Raychem matched impedance cable splice D-150-Z393 designed to comply with MIL-PRF-32517 standards.

Sensor Tag Demo V1.1 - TE Connectivity introduces the Sensor Tag Demo V1.1 that reports Humidity, Temperature and Barometric Pressure through a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 smart link.

Photo Control Base and Cover - TE Connectivity introduces an ANSI 136.41 compliant 76 mm diameter photo control base assembly and dome cover. The TE photo control base and cover provides total power and signal interface between photo control and dimming receptacle.

TE Connectivity's High Performance Antennas - TE Connectivity (TE) is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance antennas, offering a wide range of antennas for all consumer devices.

TE Next Generation of Terminal Lugs - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the Snap-Lug quick-disconnect power connectors, ruggedized power disconnects designed to provide a quick method for interconnecting heavy gauge power cables to bus bars, relays, batteries, power cables, grounding devices and more, in aerospace, defense, marine, and other harsh environment applications.

TE IP67 Sealed Circular Plastic Connector for Outdoor Lighting Applications - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the IP67 sealed circular plastic connector (SCPC) for wire-to-wire applications.

TE Connectivity's Z-Pack 2mm Hard Metric (HM) Connector System - The Z-Pack connector system is a high quality, high performance and high density board-to-board solution with flexible configurations for simple upgradeability.

TE Vandal Proof Solution Lighting and Building Equipment Markets - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the ALCOSWITCH anti-vandal switch series, designed for security and reliability in a variety of panel mount industrial and building applications.

TE ALCOSWITCH Illuminated Tactile Switches - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the new ALCOSWITCH illuminated tactile switch series, designed for easy operation and reliability in a variety of board mounted applications.

TE M12 Value Line Field Installable Connectors for Industrial Applications - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces a new series of M12 field installable connectors that are used for the IP67 grade field termination of serial communication links and Ethernet connections.

Potter & Brumfield T9S Power PCB Relay - 1.8mm contact gap. Designed for primarily solar applications, the extended contact gap of this relay provides better isolation and also allows for usage in higher elevation environments. Other suitable applications include EV chargers, washing machines, dryers and safe power supply disconnections.

FASTON Terminals - TE Connectivity's FASTON terminals provide quick application, uniform reliability and reliable connections at a low cost. These features have made FASTON connector products an industry leader in the appliance and automotive industries. With over 60 years of experience providing quick connections to customers, TE Connectivity strives to introduce new and improved products to add to their product line.

TE Hermaphroditic Connectors with Select Gold Plating - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the hermaphroditic blade and receptacle connector with selective gold plating.

TE Photo Control Base and Cover - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces an ANSI 136.41 compliant, 76 mm diameter photo control base assembly and dome cover providing an integrated TE solution that combines power and signal interface between the photo control and dimming receptacle.

MS5637 Low Voltage Barometric Pressure Sensor - The MS5637 is an ultra-compact micro altimeter. It is optimized for altimeter and barometer applications in Smart-phones and Tablet PCs.

USB Type-C Dual Row SMT Connectors With Splash Proof Option - TE Connectivity expanded its portfolio of USB Type-C connectors to include dual row surface mount (SMT) versions with the option of splash proof protection to further improve the ruggedness of our enhanced receptacle design. With one of the smallest dual row SMT footprints, TE's USB Type-C saves valuable board real-estate.

Uniform Termination Just Got Easier - and Free - PIDG, PLASTI-GRIP, SOLISTRAND and FASTON Terminals and Splices are designed for complete and uniform reliability in the most difficult circuit environments. The many millions of TE terminals that are still deployed twenty years after installation are a testament to the rigorous testing and research that went into their design and manufacturing. Many of the TE PIDG terminals meet or exceed the requirements of SAE AS7928, Type II, Class 1 and 2.

SOLARLOK PV4-S Connector - TE Connectivity introduces the SOLARLOK PV4-S connector, which is an upgrade to the industry leading SOLARLOK PV4 connector. The new SOLARLOK PV4-S meets a minimum 1500V rating with IP68 protection. The connector has been tested to assure reliable and safe connections of solar arrays. The SOLARLOK PV4-S uses industry standard crimp tooling that is readily available and used by installers today.

TE TMS-SCE Military Grade Heat Shrinkable Wire Identification Sleeves - TE Connectivity's (TE) thin-walled, heat shrinkable tubing is assembled as organized cut sleeves in either a ladder configuration or continuous tubing.

TE M5600/U5600 Wireless Pressure Transducers - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the M5600 and U5600 digital output wireless pressure and temperature transducers with iOS, Android™ and Windows® XP/7+ compatibility.

TE MiMo Rooftop Antenna - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the MiMo rooftop antenna, designed for use on trains, trams and buses. Incorporating two elements that operate across frequencies from 698MHz to 6000MHz, the MiMo rooftop antenna range is versatile and future proof.

General Purpose Power Line Filters - EMI power filters rated from .5 to 80A suitable for use in controlling EMI emissions or susceptibility across a wide variety of applications. Available with a variety of termination and mounting styles, these general purpose filters offer a cost-effective solution to common EMI issues.

TE EUROCARD Connectors - TE Connectivity's Eurocard two-piece connectors include board-to-board, wire-to-board, ribbon cable-to-board and high current connector configurations that offer a quality design to help ensure signal integrity (SI) and electrical performance.

TE MSP100 Pressure Transducer Digital Output - Developed as a standard platform product expanding on the existing MSP100, which originally came with an analog option only, this sensor provides stainless steel media compatibility in a low cost, small profile solution.

TE Connectivity EW60 PCB Relay - The EW60 PCB relay is designed to support the demand for higher switching capability in the intelligent buildings industry.

TE Connectivity Introduces The M12 Rail 90° Cable Connector - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the M12 Rail 90° cable connector, a field installable connector developed for fault-free data transfers in harsh environments.

TE Connectivity Introduces Modular Screwless Terminal Blocks - TE Connectivity introduces modular screwless terminal blocks, a flexible and efficient solution with wires that are easy to replace in building equipment and lighting control applications. The high density terminal block, featuring a compact design, is used in heating and ventilation equipment, access controls, lighting systems, security applications, and building controllers.

TE Heat Shrink Tubing - Our heat shrink tubing is a valued option for insulation, protection, and sealing when compared to taping, molding, or potting.

TE Sensor Solutions - TE's sensor solutions offer a portfolio of intelligent, efficient, and high-performing connectivity and sensor solutions that are used for customers across multiple industries.

Time-Tested ELCON Power Drawer Connectors - TE Connectivity's (TE) ELCON power drawer connectors feature an extensive line of hot-plug, blind-mate connectors with power and signal contacts in various sizes to meet a wide array of design requirements.

Plasti-Grip Terminals and Splices - TE's solderless Plasti-Grip Terminals and Splices are designed specifically to answer the need for inexpensive, insulated electrical terminations and can be used in almost every type of commercial application and accommodate wire sizes from 22 AWG through 2/0 AWG.

TE Connectivity 400R Rail Wire & Cable - The 400R is North American rail approved, limited fire hazard, wire & cable compliant to the NFPA 130-2010 standard meaning that the wire will be approved on most USA rail projects.

Introducing Strada Whisper DPO Connectors - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces its new STRADA Whisper direct plug orthogonal (DPO) connectors, which helps designers eliminate midplane connectivity, reduce costs and improve airflow in switches, servers, base stations and other types of communications equipment.

Rotatable Dimming Receptacle - Ideal for outdoor commercial and utility lighting, the dimming receptacle is available with two or four dimming contacts to support either 0-10 VDC dimming methods or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), while providing a reliable power interconnect with three robust twist lock contacts.

Pressure Sensors - TE designs and manufacture pressure sensors ranging from the sensing element to system packaging for harsh environments. We are an industry leader for our range of both standard and custom pressure sensors, from board level components to fully amplified and packaged transducers.

Madison Cable Assembly - TE's Madison Cable products deliver innovative custom cable solutions. Offering industry solutions with high speed cable designs, video coax cables, industrial and commercial, and IDC ribbon cable, all of our products are designed to be flexible and reliable. With conductor sizes from 33 to 4 AWG, Madison's highly differentiated products can be found in a variety of applications.

Introducing M12 Rail Cable Connectors - Reduce service time and cost with easier access to thread grip. Reach up to 10 Gb/s connections with a heigh speed rugged industrial connection.

Economy Cluster Blocks - The Economy Cluster Block product line extension features a new pin receptacle to provide cost-effective cluster block connections for hermetic compressors. The housings are offered in both standard glass-filled PBT material and glass-filled PBT material meeting both the Glow Wire test and UL 94 V-0 requirement.

VAL-U-LOK Connector Series with TPA Accessory - VAL-U-LOK product line expanded with a new design accommodating Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) accessories, helping guarantee a higher quality connection. TPA helps ensure contacts are fully seated in the housing and helps prevent contact disengagement and backout from the cavity when subjected to vibration, shock or pull force.

Circular Hybrid Connector (CHC) - Designed for machine automation applications that require higher performing data connections and power of up to 10 Amps. The connector provides highly reliable connection technology and meets the demanding durability and quality requirements of real-time Ethernet applications in industrial automation.

Flat, Flexible Cable (FFC) Connectors - The family of flat flexible cable (FFC) connectors includes a wide variety of high density cable-to-board and cable-to-cable connectors specifically for automated assembly.

AMP-LATCH Ribbon Cable Interconnect - Ribbon cable-to-board devices used to make the transition between ribbon cable and pc board circuitry. They find heavy use within equipment to connect one board to another or one subsystem to another.

TE RW175 Heat Shrink Tubing -RW-175/RW-175-E tubing is highly resistant to flame, high temperatures and chemicals. Modified polyvinylidene fluoride material provides outstanding abrasion and cut-through resistance.

TE Positive Lock Mark II Connector System - TE Connectivity's (TE) competitively priced Positive Lock connection system is ideal for any application exposed to high vibration and mechanical shock.

TE Kilovac KHR500 High Voltage 600 Amp Contactors - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the KILOVAC KHR500 "BUBBA II" high-voltage, high-rupture, 600 AMP contactor that is smaller, lighter and switches significantly higher power than its predecessor, the EV500 "BUBBA".

TE 6.0mm Grace Inertia Connectors - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the 6.0 mm GRACE INERTIA connector, providing a locking design supporting applications with up to 10A wire-to-board connections in 2 and 3 position configurations.

TE Modular Releasable Poke-In Connector - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the modular releasable poke-in connector, a 4.0mm pitch modular connector for wire to board connectivity.

TE Industrial Mini I/O Cable Assemblies - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the industrial mini I/O cable assembly, a reliable and space saving I/O solution for industrial environments that provides innovative and time-saving wire-termination.

TE MS5837-30BA Waterproof Digital Pressure Sensor - Expanding the digital pressure sensor module family, TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the high linearity and low power MS5837-30BA waterproof digital pressure sensor. Capable of a water depth resolution of 2mm, this factory calibrated, absolute sensor offers different operation modes that allow the user to optimize for conversion speed and power consumption.

TE Glow Wire Universal MATE-N-LOK Connectors - TE Connectivity's (TE) Glow Wire, UL 94 V-0 Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors are now available in special Glow Wire compatible material and UL 94 V-0 with the ability to terminate up to 12 discrete wires in a wire-to-wire configuration.

TE Remote I/O Terminal System (RITS) Connectors - TE's RITS Interconnection System Connectors offer easy wire termination method with higher productivity and reliability.

TE Grace Inertia Connectors - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the 6.0 mm GRACE INERTIA connector, providing a locking design supporting applications with up to 10A wire-to-board connections in 2 and 3 position configurations.

TE UNIQA-PRO Single Crimp Wire Processor - The UNIQA-PRO Single Crimp Wire Processor is an ideal cost-effective solution for companies looking to ramp up production from multiple bench top machines without making the large capital investment of a double ended leadmaker.

TE Microminiature Coax Cables - Our space-saving microminiature coax connectors are designed for high-performance microwave systems. Built to accept multiple ohm mini coax cables, our connectors are ideally suited for applications requiring high density, reliabilty, and reduced size and weight.

TE RJ point five Connector Coupler and Plugs Without Pull Tabs - New extension to the RJ point five product line that feature plugs without pull tabs to reduce clutter between routers and switches while still doubling the density of standard RJ45 jacks. As part of the extension, the new RJ point five coupler also offers easy design integration with existing RJ45 plugs.

DIBO EV Charging Cables for Industrial Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - Introducing the redesigned (Type1) EV Charging Cable Assemblies with ergonomically designed handles to fit security enclosures. EV charging cable assemblies offer high mating cycles, magnetically operated solid state switches for an increased life expectancy and TE Madison Cable high flex cable for maximum flex life.

TE NECTOR M - TE Connectivity's (TE) NECTOR M SEALED portfolio offers a complete range of 3, 5, 6 and 7 pole pluggable electrical installation components with free hanging (crimp contact & field installable contacts), panel/ chassis mount and power splitter solution.

TE Lumawise LED Holders - TE Connectivity provides a broad range of solderless LED holders that provide fixture designers an easier way to integrate LEDs into their designs.

TE Humidity Sensors - Pinpointing humidity with accuracy. TE offers a broad range of calibrated and amplified sensors for measuring relative humidity.

Internal Mini SAS HD Connectors and Cable Assemblies Save Space in Data Communications - TE Connectivity's (TE) internal Mini-SAS HD connectors and cable assemblies are 30% smaller than conventional internal Mini-SAS interconnects, saving you precious PCB space.

Temperature Adhesive Tape for Aerospace Applications - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces S1260 high temperature adhesive tape, a product used for effortless high temperature wire and cable repairs.

EV Charger Calbes for the EVSE Builder Market - TE Connectivity introduces the redesigned (Type1) EV Charging Cable Assemblies with ergonomically designed handles to fit security enclosures.

Low Profile, Digital SOIC-14 Pressure Sensor for High Volume Applications - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the MS5525DSO, a new generation of digital small outline integrated circuit pressure sensors that measure pressure and temperature for applications such as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) and ventilators.

TE Connectivity's Bus Bar Clip & Cable Assemblies - This assembly distributes 120A of power with low resistance and low milli-volt drop, supporting a more efficient power distribution solution for low energy consumption and operational cost savings.

TE Connectivity's 2-Position Wire-To-Wire Connectors - Designed with limited space in mind, the low profile, UL/CSA 2459 compliant connector helps eliminate the hazard of electric shock and accepts 18 AWG – 22 AWG solid or tin-dipped stranded wires.

TE Connectivity's Corcom APH & APS Series High Current 3-Phase Power Filters - These new filters are specifically designed to support alternative energy inverter and motor drive industries.

TE Connectivity's Corcom EJT Power Inlet Filter for Professional Equipment Markets - This new filter extends the flange around the IEC320-C14 inlet, helping to reduce the amount of radiated radio frequency (RF) through potential gaps.

TE Connectivity's USB Type C Receptacle - A complete solution for data, power and A/V. This new USB Type-C receptacle provides one solution to deliver data up to 10 Gbps, power up to 100W and audio/video input in a single connection.

TE Connectivity's Wire-To-PCB Board Connector for Tight Spaces - The slim connector with no housing. Serves as an easy poke-in connector with strong retention ability.

TE Connectivity's Weight-Reducing Terminals for the Aerospace Industry - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces COPALUM Lite sealed terminals and splices. These rugged, sealed terminals weigh 60% less than legacy design, due to an aluminum versus copper-based material.

TE Connectivity's Wire-To-PCB Board Connector for Tight Spaces - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the slim wire-to-board connector developed specifically for wire to PCB board connections.

Environmentally Sealed Solutions - From trucks to tractors, motorcycles to recreational vehicles, TE's environmentally sealed products work just as hard as the vehicles in which they are installed.

Customize Mobile and Portable Device Designs Requiring SIM and Micro SD Card Capability - Announcing the launch of three low-profile block connectors, including the 0.3H block SIM card connector, the 0.3H block side-entry SIM card connector and the 0.3H block micro SD card connector, new additions to TE's SIM card connector portfolio for smartphones, wearables, and other mobile devices.

ARINC 600 Next Generation Connector - TE's Next Generation ARINC 600 receptacle uses proven connector design principles that represent breakthrough technologies in the ARINC 600 connector marketplace. Up to 10% weight savings and backward compatibility.

TE Connectivity's Pro Crimper Hand Tool - Purposefully designed with enhanced ergonomics, it utilizes a thin, comfortable handle profile with improved tool geometry for a longer life, stronger tool.

TE Heavy Duty Connectors - Heavy Duty Connectors for use in harsh environment covering protection degrees up to IP 69k, current rating 10 A to 250 A and up to 216 contacts.

TE Connectivity's zQSFP Network Interconnects - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces zQSFP+ (z-Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) interconnects, offering 2.5 times more throughput than existing solutions at a data transfer rate of 28 Gbps to meet high speed design requirements.

TE Connectivity's Fortis ZD LRM - TE Connectivity introduces Fortis Zd LRM, a connector system which integrates several proven interconnect technologies for rugged applications into one connector package.

Magnet Wire Connections - Our broad range of products allows you to select the options you need for efficient magnet wire termination.

TE Connectivity's Dual Wall Heating Shrink Tubing - TE Connectivity (TE) introduces DWFR, dual wall flame-retardant tubing, a new UL VW-1 rated heat shrink tubing.

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