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Wago Product News

WAGO is the leader in spring pressure connection technology that eliminates loose wires resulting from vibration and temperature cycling, while providing highly reliable, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free connections.

Recently Announced

WHITE PAPER: 5 Reasons the 2065 Connector is a Reliable Alternative to Manual Soldering - Due to today's increasingly automated age, there have been innovations in wave and reflow techniques that are technically sound for certain types of components, but the manual process of soldering yet remains when it comes to connecting flying leads, i.e. wires, to printed circuit boards. When done properly, it is a tried and true connection method that has endured. In this paper, we will explore the challenges encountered when hand soldering, and the WAGO alternative - the 2065 Series Surface Mount PCB terminal block. Download White Paper

WAGO 221 Series Compact Splicing Connectors - The WAGO LEVER-NUTS® 221 Series Compact Splicing Connector is the successor to the Classic Compact Splicing Connectors of the 222 Series

PCB Terminal Blocks for Power Electronics - WAGO introduces a new family of lever-actuated high current PCB Terminal Blocks with Push-In CAGE CLAMP®. This new family is composed of three series (2604, 2606, 2616) offering streamlined, compact connections for all wire types.

WAGO Single-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers - WAGO's new single-channel electronic circuit breakers provide downstream device protection (e.g., PLCs, displays, and sensors) from overcurrent while maintaining proper power supply voltage in the event of a short circuit.

WAGO SMD PCB Terminal Blocks - 2059 Series - Wago's new 2059 SMT PCB terminal blocks offer a fast, cost-effective alternative to soldering leads and are an ideal solution for extremely small LED modules because of their compact size and ease of use.

[.PDF] WAGO's New Additions to Epsitron Power Supply - The 787-1675 is a combined power supply and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in one package, saving valuable panel space and cost.

Heilind Now Stocking WAGO Surface Mount Terminal Blocks - Heilind Electronics is now stocking WAGO's 2060 series of surface mount PCB terminal blocks with push-button termination. The 2060 series from WAGO features an installed height of only 4.5 mm and is available in one, two or three poles styles.

JUMPFLEX Signal Conditioners - Housed in a 6 mm wide package, the 857 Series JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners feature eight CAGE CLAMP®S connections, a jumper slot at every connection point, and a common profile.

Heilind Named WAGO's National Distributor of the Year - Heilind Electronics, a WAGO distributor for 20 years, has been named as WAGO's National Distributor of the Year. The award was based on Heilind's sales growth and its proactive promotion and support of WAGO sales initiatives.

PCB Terminal Block with Lever Operation - The 2706 series is an extention of WAGO's lever-operated PCB terminal block family.

Surface Mount PCB Terminal Block - WAGO's 2060 features a very low profile (4.5mm total height); contoured edges; and a light color, all of which are aimed at reducing shadowing in LED applications.

WAGO Corporation Announces Expansion of the 222 Series LEVER-NUTSTM Compact Splicing Connector Family - WAGO Corporation announces expansion of the 222 Series LEVER-NUTSTM compact splicing connector family with three components for multiple mounting and strain relief configurations

[.PDF] WAGO Introduces New 2-Port Ethernet Controller w/ DIP Switch Addressing - WAGO's 750-871 Ethernet Controller offers built-in ethernet switch functionality

WAGO Launches New Power Cage Clamp Terminal Blocks - WAGO launches new power cage clamp terminal blocks, making WAGO the exclusive in spring pressure technology up to 4/0 conductors.

WAGO Announces New RJ-45 Connector - WAGO Corporation's new RJ-45 Connector offers fast and tool-free Ethernet connectivity

WAGO LUMI-NUTSTM 873 Series Luminaire Disconnect - WAGO LUMI-NUTSTM 873 Series Luminaire Disconnect enhances Luminaire ballast safety and convenience

WAGO LEVER-NUTSTM Two-Conductor Connector - WAGO LEVER-NUTSTM Two-Conductor Connector offers efficient, set-and-forget wire termination

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